Great Learning has been successfully transforming the lives of many who wish to have a career transition. Successful Career transition requires a safe launchpad. This Launchpad should have the ability to upgrade your skills to align with the fast-evolving corporate requirements. This is where Great Learning steps in. Have a look at Great learning’s role in Lavashesha’s successful career and how Industrial Experts at Great Learning helped him to scale heights.
How has your journey been with Great Learning?
It’s been exactly one year since I started my journey with great learning with the AIML course. The journey has been exciting and enlightening. When I first joined Great Learning, as a new person into coding, I was not very confident of completing the course but I was determined. My first motivation came from Dr Narayana and Srinivas Atreya. They encouraged me to not only study the regular materials and problems discussed at class but also asked me to explore on Kaggle and other real-world problems.
What is so unique about Great Learning?
Industrial Experts visiting Great Learning to teach data science is a huge advantage for us and due to that, I got good industry connects and eventually before completing the course itself got a job in the domain.
Why did you Choose Great Learning as your Launchpad?
When I check the market I do not see any institute with such nice and extremely talented faculty and the atmosphere to learn. I am thankful to Great Learning’s for giving me the opportunity even if I do not belong to the coding background. The clear message is that we necessarily don’t have to be from a coding background to learn and work in data science, provided the training at great Lakes standard.
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