From a Junior Data Analyst to a Data Scientist at NeenOpal Intelligent Solutions, Ravi Sreedhar has come a long way in his career. He never lost his confidence throughout the course and has successfully built his Data Science career. Here’s how he did it:

What is your professional background?

My main goal was to be a Physicist and get into research. I had to drop of out of M.Sc Physics twice due to personal reasons such as health and other issues. Once from Kolkata Presidency University and once from Madras University in Chennai. After this I worked as a Data Analyst for an year. When I realised that Data Science is an upcoming field, I decided to upskill and take up the DSE course with Great Lakes.

How did you develop an interest in Data Science? Why did you choose GL?

After my graduation, I had a career gap of nearly 4 years as I was pursuing my Masters. I dropped out due to personal reasons. With my previous company, the role comprised of collecting data physically and printing it.

I was interested in this field, but with no experience and a career gap, it was impossible to crack any interviews. With my previous experience of certification courses, I realised that the value of a certificate comes from the brand associated with it. I wanted to experience a wholesome classroom program. So, I decided to take up PGP- DSE in Chennai.

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What did you like the most in the program? 

One of the best aspects of GL was the friendliness of the faculty. They provided an atmosphere which made learning easy. Getting my doubts cleared was a simple task. They were easily approachable and gave personal insights whenever required. A lot of effort was put to ensure that we understood each subject clearly execute the same in our project.

Another great thing about GL was the efforts of the Program Managers to ensure we got the best out of the program. They supported us during Boot Camps, both morally and technically. I feel I had a smooth learning experience because of their contribution.

What is your take on Career Support provided from GL?

The Mock interviews were really helpful. It helped me prepare for interviews with upcoming companies and also guided me to present myself in a better manner. Due to my career gap, I thought I would not get many opportunities. Contrary to that, I was offered 10 interviews with different companies like Trendence, Prodapt, etc. It helped me get a well-paying job along with my desired job designation. I have gained so much confidence through my journey with Great Learning.

Share your experience while interviewing with NeenOpal?

In the first round, I was interviewed by Chief Growth Officer of the company. He tested me with regard to logical skills rather than technical skills. He gave me a real-life scenario and asked me to suggest my business ideas and insights about it. After this, I was interviewed by Chief of Analytics and he tested me on my technical knowledge of Python. After a day or so, I got a confirmation and joined here as a Data Scientist.

Any advice for future aspirants of this course?

Aspirants should focus on learning a technical approach, as well as a business approach. Data Science is inclined towards attending a business problem and providing a solution to it. So one should be open to understanding a problem from different perspectives and be able to provide a complete solution to it.

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