Business Analytics and Business Intelligence have picked up momentum as a career option and upskilling in these fields opens up many opportunities for professionals. The right direction and support can be extremely beneficial and can help shape your career. Read about what kind of support Abhay received from PGP BABI from the faculty at Great Learning.

What did you like most about the program?

One of the things I liked the most about this program is the course structure. It is very well planned and detailed. The Pre-Course work helps students to quickly revise the concepts and be ready for the course. The module break-down and various topics covered are excellent. The best part is that it not only covers analytic techniques, but also teaches us how to use these techniques in the respective industries.

How was your experience with the faculty and mentors at Great Learning?

The program manager, Akansha, is doing a great job managing classes and interacting with the students. She is always active and provides solutions to our problems very quickly. Olympus, GL’s E-Learning Application provided excellent support as well. I always received a response to my problems within 24 hours. I would also like to thank my mentor, Sharanya. I always learn something new during the mentor sessions. She is very well experienced in the industry and knows how to teach without using too much technical jargon. 

You attended the GL Event Confluence which was conducted in Bangalore, what did you feel about it?

I had the opportunity to attend GL Confluence, Bangalore and could see that there was a lot of effort put into making sure that it was an extremely successful event. It was a great way to connect offline with other students, industry experts and the Great Learning team themselves. I can’t wait to attend more such events organised by the team.
So far, it’s been an amazing journey and I’m sure this course will help me greatly in the future.  
Up skill with Great Learning’s PG Program in Business Analytics and Business Intelligence and unlock your dream career.



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