With the fast-developing world that we live in today, it is essential to constantly learn and be updated with the latest technologies and applications that come along. Here is Amrit Raj’s upskilling experience with Great Learning’s Cloud Computing Course.

Tell us about your professional background.

I am currently a Java Developer at IBM. Considering that Cloud Computing plays an important role in every industry today, I wanted to lean into newer technologies and upskill myself in the same. 

How was your experience with Great Learning?

It was truly a great learning experience for me. The program as a whole proved to be an amazing knowledge gaining adventure. The modules contained everything — right from the basic topics to advanced level. These were taught and developed to us at a slow yet steady pace, ensuring a solid foundation. We learnt much more about the industry than we could have learnt through just books. I also enjoyed the mentoring sessions since we got an opportunity to directly interact and learn from the experts of the industry. 

What is your advice to the future aspirants of this program?

In my opinion, any developer should consider to upgrade themselves since the cloud is the driving force today in the industry. This course gave me a great sense of confidence, and I would definitely recommend it to any future aspirant of this program. 

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