A change in career is not only a fresh start but also an exciting one. Here is how Navpreet Singh started off with his career in AIML through Great Learning’s AIML program. 

Tell us a little about yourself.

I am a Captain in the Merchant Navy at Torm Shipping, Denmark. My work essentially is concerned with oil and chemical tankers. I have been on the sea waters and sailing for over 29 years now. While I have a mediocre understanding of computers, I have had no knowledge about Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning or even programming before I started this course. 

How has your journey been so far with Great Learning?

My journey and my experience with Great Learning so far has been beyond amazing. As I mentioned earlier, I had no knowledge about this domain. However, this course not only taught the basics of the subject but also helped me get an in-depth idea of it. It, in fact, opened a whole new world for me — giving me insights on the future of data science, its capabilities, applications, and boundaries. I must say though, it has been an uphill task for me considering that I passed out of college over 25 years ago. Learning mathematics and some basic subjects was a little difficult since I had lost touch with them. However, the program definitely benefited me and allowed me to work at my pace.

What was one thing that you really liked about the program?

The course offered a good balance between theory and application and that was most important for me considering my educational and occupational backgrounds. 

What are your career goals through this course?

Considering that I am extremely new to this domain, I am still learning. I definitely hope to implement AIML in the near future in my sphere of business. Being a beginner, I cannot immediately apply this learning, I will need to put in more effort to get a better hold of it. However, I am sure that for people in this field, and for those who have an intermediate idea of AIML will instantly benefit from this course. As for me, I feel like it is never too late to learn. I still have a lot more to learn before I can put my learning into practice. But I am assured that the knowledge I gained from this course definitely assures a bright future. 

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