Online courses provide the benefit of flexibility to learn and gain knowledge at students own convenience, time, and pace without compromising on any other commitments. Here’s how Nagesh Nayak benefitted from our online course in Cyber Security.

Tell us about your background and work experience? 

I am an Aviation Cyber Security professional. I have over 15+ years of total experience along with 8+ years of Aviation IT experience.

How did you decide taking up the Cybersecurity course by Great Learning? 

Since I already had a good amount of experience in Cyber Security, I wanted to scale up my personal and professional knowledge in the domain. I considered Advanced Cybersecurity certification from Great Learning since it is affiliated with one of the top universities, i.e. Stanford University proving to be extremely beneficial for my professional career.

What did you like the most in the program and the curriculum?

The course covered various aspects of the subject, especially the critical pillars of Cybersecurity, that is, Application, Network Security and Cryptography. This proved to be very useful in better understanding of the subject. For me, the recorded lectures from Stanford researchers and the mentoring sessions with industry experts turned out to be the key factors of this program.

How did the team at Great Learning make sure the 6-month journey was easy and in comfort? 

Gauthami and the Great Learning team were proactively behind us to ensure that we were meeting our deadlines. It gave us the required push and motivation to manage our schedules and prioritise well in order to deliver our projects on time while completing the program.

Tell us about your projects, how important was the project in making you industry ready? 

Throughout the course of the program, there were various projects that were assigned to us. Also, tools like Meta sploit, NMAP and AFL were required to complete them. That gave us hands-on experience to identify and explore beyond our comfort zones in learning and achieving outputs.

What is your advice to the aspirants who want to take up this program? 

This is an advanced level program, and therefore it is more suitable for mid-level cybersecurity professionals who are looking at gaining more knowledge to apply  new practices at their existing roles.

Explore and upskill your career in the field of Cyber Security through Great Learning’s Stanford Advanced Cyber Security Course



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