If you’re someone who shows keen interest in a particular subject, you can definitely reach great heights. Read Ashish Pahwa’s story with Great Learning’s Data Science and Business Analytics course and how the mentorship was helpful to him.

Tell us about your professional background. 

I have had a deep interest in automation and system intelligence since I was in school. During my undergraduate studies, I published 4 research papers in various domains of data mining and machine learning. Afterward, I joined a young startup in Gurgaon as Data Engineer and was promoted to Technical Lead for Data Science within one year. Currently I am working at the product division of Suntist Labs as a Data Science Architect.

Why did you choose to upskill? Why Great Learning?

A formal education in data science is indeed essential to develop a solid foundation of the subject and to stand out in this competitive world. Out of all other courses and programs, Great Learning has one of the best teams of professors and industrial experts in India. This was one of the primary reasons why I chose to enroll here.

How did you feel about the mentorship sessions?

Weekend mentorship sessions are the most memorable sections of the program. Although they are limited by time constraints, if you demonstrate an interest in the subject and keep it interactive, Your mentors will always be open to discuss problems outside the classroom.

Was the PGP- DSBA program helpful in your journey? 

I started receiving offers from many organizations both from India and abroad after the completion of the program. Through the great learning’s career fair in Gurgaon, I also interviewed with Gartner and TEG Analytics. However ultimately I ended up getting a promotion and hike in my previous organization. I started as a software engineer (my first job in 2018), Joined the PGP- DSBA program, and ended up as a Data Science Architect in 2020. Today a major portion of my work involves designing complex data pipelines and sophisticated statistical models on top of them for performance optimization.

Advice for future PGP- DSBA aspirants. 

Data Science is an exciting career option, you would love your job if you like to crunch numbers. However, I just have one piece of advice, If you choose to join the 11-month program, Be consistent and develop lots of patience. It’s one of the most rigorous analytics training programs for working professionals in India. So make sure to follow a strict schedule to meet the project deadlines. Trust me, even if you let a lag of one week, It could pile up a lot of burden eventually. Nonetheless, it would be a great adventure and if you are new to analytics, you’d be amazed to see what magic you could do with statistics.

For more such success stories, watch this space.



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