With the ever changing market demands, there is a need to upskill your knowledge and be able to meet these demands as and when required. Neeraj Khare was able to achieve this and successfully reach greater heights in his career with the help of our PGP BABI course. He extends his gratitude and appreciation towards the team. 

How did PGP BABI helped you achieve career transition? 

I would like to thank the Great Learning team and the entire team of PGP BABI as I have been successful in jumping up the ladder in corporate solely because of this course. It provided me with an extra edge in the fiercely competitive market. I got into Wipro Technologies with a hike of around 50 percent. This was possible because the course helped show-case my ability to learn new technologies and acquire the hot skill of Data Analytics. The recruiter was very impressed with the course projects and the interview, as it revolved around analytics, much like the new set of work that consulting companies are doing today. Hence, I received an opportunity to sail through, all thanks to the PGP BABI course. 

 Whom do you give credit for your success?

I am particularly grateful to Ms. Devansha Sehgal who has been a great Program Manager. She is extremely good at Program Management as well as People Management and has shown constant support. Since this course is for working professionals and is not easy to complete without help from the course faculty and Program Manager, it would not have been possible without her support. Devansha has outstanding abilities to handle the program. She has constantly pitched in and used to follow-up on my program completion status. She is really helping the working professionals and I appreciate her work. I would like to give the credit of my success to her.
 Upskill with Great Learning’s PGP BABI Course and unlock your dream career. 



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