With the increasing amount of data available to us today, and with most businesses moving online, the need for cyber security has grown exponentially. Upskilling in this domain can boost your career and help you reach greater heights. Read about Mujammilahammad Imamsaheb Bagawan’s journey with Great Learning’s Stanford Advanced Cyber Security Course in his own words. 

I was planning and searching to do a PG course or any certificate to enhance my career opportunities. I went through all the programs and certification content available in the market and found the course content of Great Learning more powerful than others. Mainly because of the way it has been designed and the topic areas that it has covered. The best thing about the course was that it was practical and we were given tests too. This made me choose this program.

This course has great teaching staff, and videos from Stanford university itself, which is awesome! The way the concepts are explained in the video with examples is very clear to understand.

After every course, the questions given in tests/quiz also made me get ready for interviews. The lab sessions made me more confident to understand the security threats and hack and troubleshoot.  I want to make sure and highlight this here that the concepts and methods shown and explained in Wireshark and metasploitable helped me to fix one of the production issues that occurred to our vendor and saved a lot of dollars. I was more confident technically, and now I can contribute a lot in delivering solutions to the customers.

Also, the course management and co-ordinator is really well managed and were always there to help at any time. I rate this course 10/10, and I am satisfied as I feel I did choose the best PG course that suits me.

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