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By enrolling in a marketing management course, learners attain comprehensive knowledge on how to stay relevant in the current working environment. But the fact is that not everyone wants a career in marketing. Students usually jump the gun and believe that the scope of marketing is limited to only the business world. But one should not forget that they will need some knowledge in this niche, regardless of the career they have in mind. Even lawyers, engineers, and business entrepreneurs need marketing skills to take their line of work/business to the next level.

It might sound a little confusing right now, but to help learners make an informed decision, I have compiled some information about the marketing management program. Continue reading this article to know about top reasons to pursue a marketing management course, salary packages, and opportunities that one could expect post-completion. 

Reasons to Pursue Marketing Management Course 

The primary reason is that it will help one learn what drives business. One gets to be creative yet strategic. And the list goes on and on. Here we go with some points that might compel one to join a marketing management program. 

1. Employment Opportunities – Make the most of the diverse Career Opportunities

The job prospects in marketing are varied and wide, and there’s something for everyone. One can either make the most of their persuasion skills by landing a job in PR, Consultancy, Sales, or Marketing or take their writing passion to another level with a career in Advertising or Social Media. Moreover, one can get insights on core business skills that can help them find a job outside of marketing, only if one wants to. 

2. The Skills are Always in Demand

A marketing management course ensures that one knows how to communicate befittingly and think creatively – an invaluable skill required in the present market. A graduate with impeccable communication and strong communication skills is likely to have better prospects and opportunities for career advancement. During the course, marketing students also develop critical analysis and problem-solving skills; applicable to careers in sales, advertising, product development, digital marketing, and public relations for both companies and agencies.

3. Read and Understand Data Better 

Through an offline/online marketing course, learners could get some insights on interpretation. It might not be a part of the job role, but many delights in having candidates with some knowledge about analyzing data. Marketing courses can lead to foundation knowledge in data interpretation and analytics, which is of primary importance in today’s world, as everyone wants to know what the customer wants. One could learn a wide variety of tools that enable marketers to capture data at particular stages in their marketing campaigns. 

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Marketing Salaries in India
Marketing manager salary in India is sky-rocketing

Salary Packages 

As per Payscale, the salary of a Marketing Manager in India is around 7 lakhs. Entry-level applicants generally earn around Rs 4-6 LPA. And a mid-level profession with some experience makes anywhere between 10 -12 LPA. Experienced professionals could expect their package to be somewhere around 15-22 LPA. 

Apart from the profile of marketing manager, mentioned below are some of the roles that applicants could apply after completing their marketing management course: 

What’s Next in Store: Top Employees hiring for Marketing Management Course Learners 

Post completion of a marketing management program, learners can employ analytical, decision making, communication, and organizational skills to support marketing activities in the organizations. One can also continue studies in specialized areas such as research, analytics, or corporate account management. Mentioned below are some of the top recruiters that often hire candidates once they complete their marketing management course. 

  • IBM
  • Amazon
  • Flipkart
  • TCS
  • Tata Motors
  • Vodafone
  • Airtel
  • American Express
  • General Mills
  • Apple
  • Amazon
  • Starbucks
  • Target
  • Nike
  • Kellogg’s
  • Macy’s
  • Kraft Heinz
  • Clorox
  • McKinsey & Co Nestle SE
  • Verison
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • Facebook
Marketing jobs in India
One can expect a high-paying marketing job in India post completion of a marketing management course

Top Jobs Roles after Pursuing a Marketing Management Course

A marketing management course opens doors for some very high-paying opportunities. Some of the career options in marketing management are mentioned below with descriptions: 

Marketing Manager: From analyzing to planning and implementing marketing strategies, a marketing manager leads marketing activities to attract and retain customers. They are responsible for conducting research, analyzing marketing demand, setting pricing strategies, identifying a target audience, and choosing the right channel most suitable for the audience. They are also responsible for identifying and assessing the appropriate market for a product. In addition, they help companies monitor trends and make decisions about how they react to them. 

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Brand Manager: They are responsible for creating and implementing strategies for not only building a brand image but also maintaining and improving it. In addition to making a marketing plan, they lead the market research team and evaluate and collect data when necessary. 

Marketing Research Analyst: The role is essential only if you want to combat the constant changes in the market. It bridges the gap between business and market requirements and plays a pivotal role in the marketing function. The job of a marketing research analyst is to understand the target market through an in-depth study of the market trends, market conditions, and customer buying behavior. By comprehensively studying the market, the research analyst learns about the product that a customer is more likely to buy and at what price through questionnaires, interviews, and marketing analysis. 

International Marketing Executive: While their primary responsibility depends on industry to industry, international marketing executives are the ones who are the main face of an organization to cultivate and maintain relationships with the clients, coordinate main primary marketing campaigns, and guide global marketing research efforts.


As per a recent survey, marketing management is one of the highest paying jobs in India. And a marketing management course can help you get started in this industry. Great Lakes Executive Learning’s Executive PG Program in Management offers a specialization in Marketing Management apart from the two others – Data Science & Analytics and Operations Management. This marketing management course covers brand management, product marketing, digital marketing, marketing services, integrated marketing communications, CRM, and various other concepts. As a result, one will develop a solid understanding of domestic and international marketing issues.

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