Digital marketing has undergone a heap of changes over the past decade. Social media is evolving significantly. It is continuing its race to become one of the most influential channels of modern marketing. Whether you have a small scale business or a large one, taking advantage of social media is worth considering. For this, you have to keep an eye on what is trendy in the market. Social media is highly influencing in the packaging sector these days. The Kraft packaging boxes manufacturers are working on new trends to increase the visibility of their custom boxes and other packaging products. To get success in this field, it is essential to stay ahead of the curve. Here we have compiled some of the most effective social media trends to benefit your business: 

Video Content Dominates Social Feeds

Video marketing has been an important social media trend for years. If an image says a thousand words, a video can tell a million. Video marketing helps you to tell a story in a more entertaining and inspiring way. According to research, 92% of users who watch videos share them with others. This generates 1,200% more shares for a video, than text and image content. Moreover, 72% of customers agreed that they learn about a product or service in a much better way by watching a video. You might be familiar with those millions of unboxing videos on YouTube.

This social media strategy is one of the most effective ways to promote your brand. For this, design your product packaging boxes in an aesthetically appealing way. The custom packaging companies have to work on the internal display of the products to provide a great user experience. There are several box packaging ideas to consider in this regard. Attractively use filler and take advantage of layered packaging to provide a wonderful unboxing experience. Such attractively designed custom made boxes for products will make the users share their experience via video marketing.

Stories Take the Center Stage

The concept of stories is more evident on Instagram where more than 400 million users can access them daily. They were introduced as a successor to Snapchat’s self-destruct style of content, but now they have become much popular on Instagram itself. Similar to Instagram, Facebook Stories are user-generated slideshows or short pieces of video. This content can be created on your smartphone and gets available for up to 24 hours. This marketing format will continue to grow in popularity throughout the year 2020.

Its application is extending in every type of business. Even the packaging industry couldn’t stay away from following the trend. The custom packaging manufacturers have started uploading stories to raise the interest of customers in their products. For example, they may highlight the process to design a paper boxes, box die cuts, or auto lock boxes by uploading a story. Such Stories grow 15 times faster than feeds, proving one of the most effective marketing trends to benefit the business.

More Companies are Using Influencer Marketing

Over the past years, social media influencers have become a rising trend. It’s a tactic that is not going anywhere in the future. Due to its effective return on investment, more than 63% of the marketers plan to increase their budget to include influencer marketing. The reason for its success is the trust they have established over a large audience. Corporate brands can take advantage of it to advertise their products in the market place. For example, if you have started a wholesale product packaging business, search a good influencer of your field. He may update the audience about the different types of packaging products you offer. Moreover, an influencer can also highlight additional features and processes like how your business custom cut cardboard and use it to design wholesale window boxes. Explaining such facts can help in grasping the attention of more customers towards your business.

Customer Service is all About Chatbots

There was a time when the concept of communicating with a robot was not easy to implement. People avoided the pre-recorded type of experience and prefer to talk to a real human. But now, technology has become such advance that people love interacting with chatbots. This is because the chatbots are smarter, quicker, always available, and more effective than those old interacting software. According to research, 90% of businesses report that there is a faster complaint resolution by using chatbots. Moreover, this type of social media marketing saves 30% of customer support costs.

It has proven much efficient in almost all types of businesses. Even if you have started a new set-up of custom product packaging, the customers will want to know about your products. Chatbots are a reliable way to give them more information about your packing boxes. They can communicate with several customers at the same time and help in enhancing trust and experience.



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