It is getting tougher of engineering students from tier II and III institutes to find suitable and well-paying jobs in India. The key here is to upskill in the domain of Data Science and Analytics to grab high paying and interesting jobs with top organizations and MNCs.

How has your career path been?

I have completed my engineering in Computer Science from the Rajalakshmi Institute of Technology in the year 2015. Through campus placement, I got placed in TCS, Chennai as a System Engineer and I have around 3 years of experience in Database Management. I then joined Great Learning’s PGP BABI course and currently, I am working with Latent View as an Analyst.  

When did you decide to upskill and how did you come to know about GL?

Since college, I had an interest in SQL and luckily during the training at TCS, I got a project in Business Intelligence Process management which mainly involved Database Management. Steadily, I started developing an interest in the tools used in Data Science. After working for 2 years at TCS, I wanted to upskill and was considering an MBA from India or abroad as an option. I got to know about Great learning through word of mouth. I realized its worth in terms of time, value, and money. Going by the word of mouth, I immediately joined Great Learning’s PGP BABI course.

How was your overall experience with GL?

My journey with Great Learning has been impeccable. We had a class of different people with diverse experience of 2 to 12 yrs, making it very interesting while discussions. The faculty was the best set of experts chosen for this course and were very experienced and easily approachable. I am still in touch with some of my faculty members and my Capstone Mentor. The motivation and guidance I received from them is an important driver of my success.

What is the best takeaway from the course?

While studying here, I learned many new things like language R, Tableau, etc. I am using Tableau in my current job. Also, I could crack my interview with LatentView because of my thorough concepts in Tableau which I learned at GL.
The best thing about GL is the environment during the class which makes interaction easy and each discussion insightful.

A piece of advice for other aspirants

To achieve the maximum ROI from this course, one needs to devote all the weekends to this course for over a year. This course is not going to be a cakewalk and will demand a lot of your time and effort. If managed well and attended in priority, you will be able to make the best out of the program. Also, it is not a mandate to be from a programming background. Good domain knowledge of any field along with your learning here can be used to develop trends and drive results out of it.



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