Data Science has grown to be one of the emerging technologies. With Data Science and analytics spanning to take over every industry today, data science jobs demand is also increasing. Continuous Learning and upskilling is the key to staying relevant in the constantly changing job-market around us. Bhavesh decided to enter the field of data science and upskill in this domain to build a bright career. Read further to learn more about Bhavesh’s journey with Great Learning’s PGP Data Science and Engineering

Tell us about your professional background.

Before joining the PGP- Data Science and Engineering Course, I was into Building Automation. I did my BA Mechanical in 2014, and I worked in building automation systems for around four years. Currently, I am working at F(x) Data Labs PVT LTD.

Why Great Learning? 

I wanted to upskill because I was interested in Data Science. The reason for joining Great Learning was the classroom program and the duration of the course. I also found that the quality of teaching at Great Learning was really good, and the course curriculum was structured well. 

Were we able to help you achieve everything you desired? 

Yes. Great Learning was able to help me achieve everything that I wanted to from this course. 

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How did you feel about career support?

Career support was good. The team offers resume-building activities and also helps us in interview preparation as well. 

Any advice for future PGP-DSE aspirants?

My only advice to future PGP-DSE aspirants is to work hard. Put in the effort and work towards the goal.

This brings us to the end of the blog on Bhavesh’s journey with Great Learning. We hope that this was helpful for you and inspires you to do well. For more such success stories, watch this space. 



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