Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning applications have made their way into almost every industry today. Be it content marketing or healthcare, AI has made our work easier and more efficient. Upskilling in this domain can help you leverage upcoming opportunities and can prove to be beneficial for your career as well. Khamir Purohit chose to take up the PGP Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning course at Great Learning. Let us understand more about his journey with the program. 

Tell us about your professional background.

I am the founder, and now director of a company that I had started back in 2009. The name of the company is LexiConn Content and it deals with content marketing services. 

Why Great Learning? 

I wanted to upskill because I see that the future is bright when it comes to applications of artificial intelligence and machine learning in my domain. I wanted to introduce these concepts in my company, and I felt that the best way to do so is to upskill. According to me, a classroom program would be beneficial, and Great Learning was offering exactly that. I did not know of any other institutions that were offering an offline program. This is why I decided to go ahead and join Great Learning’s PGP AIML. 

What did you like the most about PGP-AIML?

The biggest advantage, according to me, was that it was an offline program. The classroom program allows you to interact with your peers, thus encouraging peer-to-peer learning. And of course, the faculty too. 

Advice for future AIML aspirants.

I have already referred Great Learning to a few of my friends, and three of them have taken up the program too. I would recommend Great Learning’s Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning course, especially if you want an offline environment for your learning. 

For more such success stories, watch this space.

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