Upskilling is key to ensuring that you stay relevant in an ever changing field. Read about Sandeep’s journey with Great Learning’s PGP Machine Learning Course

Tell us about your professional background. 

I have a total of 13+ years of experience and am currently working as a Practise Leader, Big data, and Data Scientist in Aspire NXT. Previously, I was working as a Big Data Architect at Zaloni. I have spent a total of 5 years in the Big Data Domain.

When did you decide to upskill and how did you zero in on Great Learning?

We were comparing the training provided here with some other institutes and found that there was a lot of positive feedback online. I felt that the course curriculum was up to date and above all, the training fee was also up to the market standards. So my organization decided to enroll me in this program initially, followed by some more employees of my company seeing my growth.

Have you started applying the concepts in the current role?

The training structure was great and helped me a lot in designing and providing solutions to some complex problems. The concepts I learned here helped me design real-time production-grade systems with ease. A lot of the concepts taught here are lift and shift and hence, can be directly applied to the production environment for obtaining the desired results. The training was also very industry-oriented and clearly explained how the various techniques are used in real-life solution building. People who are new to this industry might need to put some extra effort. Once they are done with the basics, they will gear up to other’s speed.

What would be your fondest memory of the Program?

The best part is the diversity of the people in the class. There were people from various backgrounds, and that made the learning experience more interesting. We had a lot of group assignments in which people from different domains sit together and put different ideas and perceptions to solve problems. The experience and knowledge sharing done between different people helped a lot. 

The program offered great flexibility, making it easy for all of us. All these classes are on weekends and one can dedicate this to their career. Since this training is happening only for 1 weekend in a month, I felt that it is doable for me, and for anyone who is a working professional. The program was very light because of the way it was designed. Sometimes there were rigorous assignments, but then it’s the part and parcel of any upskilling program. Success comes with time and effort, anyone who wants to be successful should be ready to spend some extra effort.

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How can aspirants make the most of this program?

Well, I have a couple of suggestions for them. The learners should take the program very seriously since some of the concepts taught here are great. You will probably not learn the same concepts in any book with such ease and clarity. 

Everyone should try applying it on real-world projects if possible, if not, there are a lot of opportunities like freelancing projects or startups who ask for solutions and put it up as a competition. Applying the concepts from the course to real-time projects would be beneficial. Based on the experience of these events, people can crack interviews. These activities make them job-ready. The learners would get a very good opportunity to network with a lot of people who are working in various domains, so one should reap the maximum benefit from here.

For more such success stories, watch this space. 



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