Making a change in your career path or deciding to upskill can be quite challenging at times. But with the right mindset and perseverance, it is surely possible. Read further to learn more about Prabh’s journey with Great Learning’s PGP Data Science and Business Analytics Course in his own words.

I completed my B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering from Bharti Vidyapeeth College. Before joining this course, I was working as a Sports Analyst in a firm based in Pune. While working as a Sports Analyst and working on almost the same stuff every day, I found it quite monotonous and thought that it’s not challenging enough and might not provide me good career growth. 

As a consequence of this, I searched for career options. Then one day while talking to one of my friends, I realized that there is a lot of career boom in the field of Data Analysis. Now, the blocker for me was that I did not graduate in Computer Science and hence, it was not easy for me to get into this field unless I have the proper knowledge and a legitimate degree in this field. While searching for Courses for Data Analysis, I came across this course for PGP-DSBA by Great Learning. I talked to them and then decided to get enrolled in the course. 

The major challenge which I was facing was time management as I was also working at that time. These online course mentoring sessions were planned on weekends and I used to have my office on those days. I either use to go through the course recordings or attend them in the office itself and stretch the office hours a bit. I was sure in my mind that I needed to be very honest with my course to achieve what I wanted. I used to work, come back home, late-night studies, complete assignments timely, complete quizzes timely. This became my schedule during the entire course. 

The Capstone Project which I worked on while the course provided my practical knowledge and confidence. The hackathon provided me a platform to rate myself among so many. There were a lot of obstacles that I faced while doing all of this but gratefully I successfully cleared them one by one with the support of my family. Happily in the last month of the course, I got my new job in this field of Data Analyst. Now, in my job, I am getting to work on what I always wanted and I am applying segmentation and regression into my work. This course gave a significant boost to my professional career.  

Overall my journey at Great Learning was wonderful, challenging, bit tough, but the final result was fruitful. Leave no stone unturned and you will surely land your dream job.



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