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Powered by specialized software and real-time analytics systems, big data & analytics caters numerous benefits for companies worldwide. Thus, the demand for big data firms has been increasing exponentially. Moreover, it has led to opportunities for budding data scientists, data professionals, statisticians, and analysts. Keeping that in mind, we bring you the ten emerging data analytics startups in India to look out for applications.

Top 12 Emerging Data Analytics Startups

12. Thoucentric

This data analytics startup creates process-based technology solutions for complex business problems. They use all major analytics methodologies like predictive, prescriptive and cognitive analysis to resolve all kinds of operational issues. Their range of solutions include a ‘demand sensing platform’ which predicts short-term demand forecast and has till now reduced man-hours adequately for all their clients.

Establishment Year: 2015
Founders: Archi Bagchi and Neelakshi Kotnis
Headquarters: Bangalore
USP: They offer full support to the clients in understanding and defining the problem. This support is extended till the issue is resolved.

11.  Zendrive

Colleagues from Google came together to address global issues with transportation systems.   This data analytics startup created a state-of-the-art technology platform to leverage mobile sensor data and gather insights. These insights proved to be crucial in averting road accidents and by extension, road traffic deaths. They evaluate this data to understand driver behaviours and road risks, to reduce chances of collisions. The technology they use is AI-powered and data-driven to offer behaviour analytics solutions to customers. Their biggest achievement is that their algorithm predicts collision risks six times more accurately than competitors.

Establishment Year: 2013
Founders: Jonathan Matus and Pankaj Risbood
Headquarters: Bangalore
USP: Uses smartphone-based solutions to compute safety scores for drivers.

Data analytics startup india


Turing Analytics resorted to Machine Learning as the main technology to provide business solutions across the globe. With a team of 7+ intellectuals, TA has successfully established big data analytics solutions for national clients, like Shopclues, and global clients such as Tata, Kimberley Clark, etc. The founders believe that visual search is the next generation of search and users will interact with retail platforms visually in the future.
Establishment year: 2015
Founder(s): Divyesh Patel and Aditya Patadia
Headquarter: Bangalore
USP: Implementation of neural networks and machine learning to provide visual recommendations and visual searches with quick and real-time data analytics solutions.

9. The Math Company

TMC emerged as a collaborative venture of big data analytics specialists, who recognized the demand for long-term Hadoop, big data, and analytics requirements among firms globally. With 50+ employees and growing, this emerging data analytics company uses ML, visualizations, design thinking, and domain expertise to serve its clients, more than 15 of which are a part of the Fortune 500 list. The company is consistently disrupting the analytics services with their data engineering, Data Science and solution deployment services. TMC currently operates in 10+ Countries and in 8+ Industries. 
Establishment year: 2016
Founder(s): Anuj Krishna, Aditya Kumbakonam, and Sayandeb Banerjee
Headquarter: Bangalore
USP: The Math Company commits to end-to-end decision-making analytics and data-driven tactics for companies by collaborating with them at ground level.

8. Razorthink

Razorthink established as an emerging enterprise AI solutions provider. Funded by individual investors, the company targets adept computing through a distinct accumulation of AI optimization, automation, dynamic models, and data science. Their team of 100+ professionals has exhaustively supported big and small businesses to utilize AI-based customer services, Risk Management, fraud detection, intellectual process automation, and business predictions.
Establishment year: 2015
Founder(s): Gary Oliver, Dr. Nandu Nandakumar, Murali Mahalingam, Tom Drotleff, Harsha Nutalapati, Barbara Reichert, Rupesh Rao
Research Lab Headquarter: Bangalore
USP: Razorthink’s BigBrain is the main AI-based data analytics system that offers a simple drag-and-drop layout for dealing with model deployment, optimization, and data analytics.
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7. G Square

G-Square sprouted as a collaboration between Gopi Suvanam and Gurpreet Singh in 2014. G Square Solutions targets B2B aspects where they provide clients with Data Science, data marketing, sales, and financial technology. The firm was also awarded at CYPHER 2016 as the ‘Emerging Analytics Services Startup of the year.’
Establishment year: 2014
Founder(s): Gopi Suvanam, Gurpreet Singh
Headquarter: Mumbai
USP: G Square is proud to present its SaaS business model for data & analytics using unique plug and play solutions in financial services for family offices, NBFCs, banks and other wealth management firms.

6. Hiddime/Lead Semantics

Hiddime, or Lead Semantics, is a one-of-a-kind Cloud Business Intelligence company that focuses on data science solutions integrated with deep semantics via the internet. The firm created their tool for facilitating IT growth among entrepreneurs with little knowledge of the analytics world. Their internet-based data analytics model is a user-friendly interaction tool integrated with semantics, machine learning, graphs and NLP. Their achievements also awarded them with the “Analytics Product of the Year” award at CYPHER 2016.
Establishment year: 2013
Founder(s): Prasad Yalamanchi
Headquarter: Hyderabad
USP: Hiddime has successfully implemented point-and-click narrative analytics, which businesses can utilize for business predictions, cognitive analytics, and deeper insights.

5. Realbox

Realbox aims to deliver a distinct experience to its clients, mainly comprising of modern-day physical businesses.  The firm has been solving real-time issues related to big data analytics resulting from large quantities of customer data in India and abroad. The firm holds great pride in its flagship tool known as Pulse that works similar to Google Analytics and takes care of big data Hadoop analytics for physical enterprises.
Establishment year: 2015
Founder(s): Saurabh Moody, Arjun Sudhanshu, Preksha Kaparwan
Headquarter: Delhi
USP: Realbox uses Pulse as its primary predictive analysis and BI tool for utilizing risk management and boosting ROI.
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4. Recosense Labs

Reconsense Labs have enabled an independent interpretation tool for generating optimized meta-data for users. This automated feature personalizes the content for individual users, promoting revenue generation, content exploration, and increase engagement. Their data analytics solutions incorporate ML and NLP frameworks to derive data based on user IPs, which is a more efficient model, unlike conventional click stream data analytics.
Establishment year: 2014
Founder(s): Amith Srinivas, Shivkumar Janakiraman, Raghunandan Patthar
Headquarter: Bangalore
USP: Recosense have proven data and analytics solutions for travel, eCommerce, and financial services, which are generated based on real-time user interactions.

3. 3LOQ

3LOQ formulates NLP and ML frameworks to optimize the Fintech industry. The firm targets building AI-driven data analytics for permeating big data and consumer psychology so that they can extract revenue through BI. 3LOQ strengthens money and asset management systems in terms of digital banking services so that the end customers get streamlined and personalized communication. 3LOQ is growing stronger every day with 15+ employees.
Establishment year: 2014
Founder(s): Anirudh Shah, Sunil Motaparti
Headquarter: Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore
USP: 3LOQ offers its Habitual AI platform that offers data-driven solutions for enhanced customer engagement in the financial sector.

2. Lymbyc

Lymbyc has a dedicated team of intellectual data scientists and analysts that have developed sturdy analytical tools accompanied with advanced technology. This emerging data analytics startup’s primary purpose is to enforce practical and optimized decision-making system for business leaders so that they can structure business foresight through natural language-based data inputs. Lymbyc works with 52+ employees to provide solutions in India and overseas.
Establishment year: 2012
Founder(s): Ashish Rishi, Satyakam Mohanty
Headquarter: Bangalore
USP: Lymbyc offers its unique expert analytics tool through its patented application MIRA (Machine Intelligence for Research & Analytics), which filters contextual data and formulates the necessary actions for converting them into data insights. MIRA works as a virtual data analytics scientist like none other in the commercial world.

1. CropIn

CropIn has proven its worth in the terms of interpolating SaaS model with the agricultural sector. Keeping the crisis in the agrarian business in mind, CropIn started providing solutions for farmers concerning financial analytics, weather foresight, data interpretation, satellite monitoring, geo-tagging, AI, big data analytics, etc. Their mission is to make every farm traceable. 
Establishment year: 2010
Founder(s): Krishna Kumar, Kunal Prasad (Great Lakes alumnus), Chittaranjan Jena
Headquarter: Bangalore
USP: CropIn provides with ML- and AI-driven weather analytics, satellite monitoring, proprietary algorithms, for the agricultural technology. It provides with improved farming sales, risk management, data security, etc.
Data analytics is the future where every data company requires proficient scientists to handle the huge chunks of data that needs to be filtered for maximizing output.
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