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Data Scientists constantly working towards the betterment of the society and their organisations must receive the appreciation they deserve, 40Under40 is an award recognising these efforts. If you’re looking to start your career in this field, knowing the salary trends might be beneficial to you. Here are the recent advancements in Data and Analytics that have taken place over the past week.

Top 10 Data Science Salaries in February 2021 

Data Science has emerged to be one of the most desired profiles across the world.  From big tech firms to startups, everyone is looking to hire Data Scientists today. The Bureau of Labour Statistics (BLS) predicts Data Scientist jobs to experience a 14% growth by 2028. If you wish to start your career in this field, you must be curious to know what the average salary in this field looks like. Here’s a list of the top salaries as of February 2021. The list comprises of companies such as Cognizant, Microsoft, Accenture, IBM, and more.  

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40 Under 40 Data Scientists in India 2021: Who are they?

Analytics India Magazine has taken an initiative to recognize the leading Data Scientists in India. Data Scientists who play an active role in transforming data into meaningful insights and support the growth of Analytics in their organisation deserve appreciation for their work. 40under40 is an award that was part of the Machine Learning Developers Summit and was handed out to the winners by Sanjay Chaudhary, CEO of IMS Proschool. 

Here is a peek at trending roles in Data Science across industries 

The demand for Data Science experts has witnessed exponential growth over the past few years as the accuracy and efficiency of data-driven decision-making has increased. Job roles are constantly evolving and there is an increased need for professionals to acquire advanced skills. It is imperative to know what skills are required to be successful and to have a thorough understanding of the job market as well. Here’s a list of the trending roles across various industries. 

How Data Science is being used to tackle childhood obesity

According to The World Obesity Federation, 158 million children are battling obesity around the world. This number is expected to increase drastically, reaching a shocking 250 million by 2030. In this case, Data Analytics might prove to be a silver lining. With the help of Analytics, geographic and other such data can be collected to identify and uncover relationships between people and places. Tableau analytics can be used to analyze and share insights. Crucial data can be collected and viewed in a completely different manner, improving decision making and accuracy in solutions. 

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The Data Science Revolution: 5 things we believe  

An advancement in Cloud Computing, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence allows us to extract comprehensive insights from data. When combined with Data Science, they have the potential to provide detailed information like never before. The Data Science Revolution is upon us and we must effectively harness its potential across various industries. The importance of information and analytics has been discussed here.

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