With each passing year, we are learning more about the role of a Data Scientist. The hype around this role is real. Not just because:

It has been reported as the sexiest job of this century and The World Economic Forum predicted that data scientists and related roles will create a net 58 million increase in jobs in 2022, but also to the power it gives professionals in terms of drawing insights through data.

And I am sure that you’re still reading this because you want to get into the field of data science and want to know the requirements of being a data scientist. The good news is, the best time to get into it is NOW! With the beginning of the year 2021, we all want to improve personal, professional, and societal aspects of our lives. And what better way than to invest in learning and getting into a field that will have a continuous impact in the years to come.

So, let’s talk about what are the requirements to be a data scientist.

You know you are a perfect fit for the role of a data scientist if you have the fundamental skills for it. This includes a knack for numbers (statistics and probability, mainly), a desire to code, and get a better understanding of the business domain. You might be good at one thing, and average in the other, but that is where the learning process enters! As I mentioned before, let me tell you what you need to do THIS YEAR to upgrade your skill set or change your domain, or get a high paying job.

Here are some actionables you can take to meet the data scientist requirements:

  • Start reading: Yes, this is the most basic advice that we all are given that sometimes we take it for granted. But, believe me, the more you read about essentials for becoming a data scientist, like SQL, Python, R, or Scala; visualization tools such as Tableau and Power BI; Machine Learning techniques like Naive Bayes, random forest, decision trees, you’ll be able to build a sound understanding of these topics. This will also help you realize your areas of strength and the topics you need to work harder on.
  • Work on different projects: Data Scientists are known for being problem solvers and for that you need to practice on a lot of projects to get experienced. Kaggle is one of the best online data science competition platforms. Even though they call it a competition, working on it really is a project in itself. This is because the competition datasets are mostly real-time data provided by companies with the idea to tap into the intellect of the community to solve their business problems.
  • Build your online presence: Wait. No. I am not asking you to become an influencer. All I am saying is that you create an online presence for yourself as it has become increasingly important in the tech world. One of the ways is to write and share your thoughts on your learning and work. You can choose Medium; an online publishing platform where you can write on your area of interest for free. You can use GitHub; a development platform where users upload their repository (repo), basically their open-source codes to manage or share their projects. 

Now, the next logical question that arises is how to do it all? 

You now know the requirements to be a data scientist but it is a vast field, and even though you might have the faintest idea of the topics involved, you need a guided and methodological approach to add data scientist to your resume. Here, Great Learning, enters into the picture with the best data science course: Post Graduate Program in Data Science & Business Analytics, offered by the McCombs School of Business at The University of Texas at Austin and delivered by Great Learning. This program, popularly known as PGP-DSBA, is a top business analytics program that uniquely combines a wholesome curriculum and covers the most widely used tools and techniques in the industry.

It offers a structured learning approach, giving you the chance to work on many real-world projects, interact with industry experts, and benefit from their rich professional experience. The 6-month program empowers you to improve yourself every week through interactive mentor-led practice sessions, assignments, quizzes, and hands-on projects. This also helps you build a portfolio of your work which you can share on your social media handles.

This amazing learning journey will equip you with the right skill set to become a data scientist. And you get all this with a certificate from The University of Texas at Austin, which is synonymous with credibility, global advantage, and impeccable learning. It is listed amongst the top universities for business analytics in the US.

Click here to get your certificate.

You can also download the free career guide that carries trends, global salary insights, and much more information of the data science industry. From introducing you to this field, sharing its applications, to the industry insights: this career guide is a short handy e-book to give you an idea about what it takes to be in the field of data science.

Let’s say cheers to your upcoming, upgraded skill set that will make your resume shine in 2021!

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