Why SEO Still Rules Online Business Marketing?

Nowadays, we regularly see some fresh “strategy” or technique that gets launched with claims of being the best for a business owner. This is where it becomes hard to understand what can really work for developing your business.

In case you feel disillusioned by the innumerable methods or tools in the market, then you may also be wondering if conventional marketing methods have become outdated. It is natural for any SEO company in India to question if strategies such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) work in 2021.

The truth is that, SEO continues to be important in 2021 even though several of the techniques and practices have altered. For instance, Google’s BERT update of 2019 forced SEO professionals to concentrate more on the optimization of content on the basis of search intent instead of keywords. Several businesses continue to focus on SEO, but they have to change according to the evolving landscape.

Here are the top reasons why SEO still rules online marketing in 2021.

Client Acquisition for Local Businesses

SEO continues to be one of the top strategies for customer acquisition for local businesses. Obviously, there is no better way of bringing customers to your door than by outranking the local competitors.

Through local SEO, it is possible to reach potential customers or clients if you target users that search in the local area. Google can tailor the search results according to geographical location. Therefore, if correctly optimized by a search engine optimization company in India, your website will have the power to dominate the search results locally in your industry.

Optimize the local business website using local keywords, sign up on Google My Business, and create a profile, collect positive reviews from existing or previous clients and customers. Remember to carry out backlink outreach for increasing your visibility in the local search.

Optimize for Search Intent

Google is becoming increasingly better at the comprehension of the background of the searches conducted by users as well as the intent propelling them. This implies that sites that publish content matching with what users search for might be given greater priority in the searches. The point is to concentrate on the intent behind a search and not how frequently a particular keyword gets used in the content.

The goal is to publish content that has been optimized to resolve users’ issues and contribute to the highest possible value. For instance, if you’re attempting to rank for the keyword “B2B lead generation,” carry out a Google search for this keyword to take a look at the pages that rank in the SERPs. The sites that are ranking currently can offer you a good indication of the kind of content that you need to publish. After that, create content that can best provide what users wish to find.

In the case of a service page, you may have to break down the services related to the B2B lead generation that you offer, your contact details, and client results. In the case of a blog post, illustrate what B2B lead generation is, the way it works, how you can start along with anything that a user might need to know about the topic.

Multichannel Approach

“Don’t put all your eggs in one basket” – this is definitely applicable for marketing. If you depend on only one traffic source for driving business to the site, you are putting your entire business in danger if this channel ever dried up.

Google search is not going anywhere soon, so tech-savvy marketers can very well use SEO along with existing channels of traffic. If you adopt a multichannel strategy, you might even continue producing results from your present campaigns while opening up a constant surge of different leads at the same time.

Although SEO is not a “set it and forget it” procedure, it has the capacity to drive traffic as well as leads on autopilot. It is possible to simply outsource SEO services in India along with content creation in order to draw in organic traffic, taking no time out from the primary marketing media.


Some conventional marketing methods might go on to be obsolete, but SEO is clearly here to continue in 2021. No matter whether you capitalized on SEO earlier or are only starting, it can be an important driver of traffic to your site.

SEO is especially helpful for local businesses looking to connect with more users using their content, hoping to accept a multichannel method. By creating content tailored for your audience, it is possible to expand your outreach and improve the online authority of your brand. If you wish to learn more such concepts, join Great Learning’s PG Program in Strategic Digital Marketing today.



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