Data Science has grown to be a very promising field to build your career in. Recruiters are now looking for professionals who would have data science skills. And thus, upskilling in this field is always a good choice! Read more about Ramadurgam Rajeev Kasyap’s journey with Great Learning’s PGP Data Science and Engineering Course in his own words. 

I started my journey in IT infrastructure services. After two and a half years of experience, I desperately wanted to shift my path. I looked into different technologies and later stumbled upon Great Learning. I joined the institute with a leap of faith by resigning my job. You have to believe in your decisions. I believed in mine and pursued the course.

I enjoyed almost all the modules executed by experienced industry experts. I mainly enjoyed Mahesh Anad’s Statistics module and Dipayan Sarkar’s Supervised learning – Classification module. During the last day of the module. I remember the advice that he gave us, and I am paraphrasing it: While approaching the prediction problems in Data science, there are no laid out structured rules, you have to be flexible and be able to approach multiple and various iterations.  Also, endurance and patience are the best virtues that one can possess. I waited a long time, post the completion of the PGP-DSE program to crack an offer. Great Learning, during the pandemic time, is religiously conducting aptitude and other refreshing sessions, which will help you to improve the skills if you feel you can’t do it alone.

Finally, I would like to thank Great Learning for giving me a good infrastructure, classmates and useful teachings.

For more such success stories, watch this space. Upskill today, and unlock your dream career in data science. 

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