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Tensorflow 2.0: Building computer vision applications



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Tensorflow is one of the most popular deep learning libraries and deep learning has been responsible for some of the interesting applications such as:

1. COVID19 detection using chest x-rays 2. Language translation 3. Self-driving cars

In this lecture, we focus on building COVID19 detection solutions using Tensorflow 2.0 and Keras. We cover the following topics in the lecture:

1. Tensorflow 1.x Vs. Tensorflow 2.0 2. COVID19 detection using chest x-rays 3. How to convert Tensorflow 1.x code to Tensorflow 2.0 code 4. Tensorflow Serving 5. Tensorflow Lite (for mobile and embedded applications)

Relevant Jupyter notebooks will be provided for the participants to practice the ideas covered in the lecture.

Prerequisites: 1. Python programming hands-on 2. Familiarity with convolutional neural networks like VGG16 3. Familiarity with Tensorflow 1.x and Keras 4. Familiarity with Google collab"

About the Speaker

Dr. D Narayana

Dr. D Narayana

PHD (Pierre & Marie Curie University, Paris)

Professor, Big Data & Machine Learning, PhD (Pierre & Marie Curie University, Paris)


Dr. Narayana holds a PHD in Mathematics from Pierre and Marie Curie University, Paris, France.

Dr. Narayana has more than 11 years of industry experience and over 4 years academic research experience. Over these years, he has worked as a professor, trader, project manager, team lead, and developer.

His area of expertise includes Machine learning, Optimization, Financial engineering and High frequency & algorithmic trading. He is proficient in R Language, Hadoop, Python & Big Data Technologies. He has published over ten research articles in international journals and conferences. He has taught courses in Big Data technologies, guided student projects and mentored students at premier institutes.

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