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Explore the possibilities of AI for business

PG Program - Artificial Intelligence for Leaders

4 months | Online
  • No Programming Experience Required
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Application Deadline 16th Jul 2020
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Who is this program for?

AI for Leaders is an intensive online program for managers and leaders who want to:

Great Learning efficient business strategy

Develop efficient business strategies and make informed decisions using AI.

Great Learning implications of AI in Business

Understand the possibilities and implications of AI in business.

Great Learning lead strong AI teams

Efficiently build and lead strong AI teams.

Great Learning lead ai orgranizations

Lead organizations new to the AI world as they develop AI-enabled products and services.

Why Join Post Graduate Program in Artificial Intelligence for Leaders?

Great Learning Personalised Mentorship
Recorded Video Lectures + Mentored Learning

Learn online via recordings by UT Austin and global faculty and engage in regular mentored learning and industry sessions.

Great Learning certificate
Gain Globally-recognized AI Expertise

Get a certificate from The University of Texas at Austin (Ranked #8 in AI by U.S. News & World Report Rankings, 2018).

Great Learning capstone project
Learn by Doing, with Industry-relevant Projects

Become an AI-driven decision maker with 5 hands-on projects and 1 Capstone Project.

Great Learning programming experience
No Programming Experience Required

Designed for business leaders to understand how to leverage AI, the program doesn't require prior programming knowledge.

Certificate from The University of Texas at Austin

UT Austin Certificate


The curriculum for the Post Graduate Program in Artificial Intelligence for Leaders has been designed by The University of Texas at Austin with the learning content and assessments created by UT Austin faculty and practising Data Scientists and Artificial Intelligence experts.

  • Introduction to AI
  • Introduction to Cloud Platforms
The Business of AI and Data Visualisation
  • What is AI? ROI, Business Perspective of AI
  • Data Types, Visualization concepts, Azure ML
Supervised Machine Learning
  • Linear Regression
  • Logistic Regression, Naïve Bayes
Neural Networks and Ensemble Techniques
  • Regression & Classification using Neural Networks
  • Decision Trees, Ensemble Methods
Unsupervised Learning
  • Clustering using K-means, Dimensionality Reduction using PCA
  • Content-based, Popularity-based & Collaborative Recommendation Systems
Deep Learning - Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing
  • NLP - Standard Workflows, Case Studies on Application of Common Techniques
  • Introduction to CNN, Common Techniques for Object Detection & Face Recognition Applications
AI in Practice
  • Transfer Learning, Data Augmentation, Model Deployment
  • Building POC for an AI project
  • Common tools, frameworks and libraries
  • Setting up AI teams, Driving AI culture
Capstone Project

In order to ensure an up-to-date learning journey the curriculum may get updated based on industry developments.

Learn from the Best

Learn from leading academicians in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning and several experienced industry practitioners from top organizations. An indicative list of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning experts engaged with us include:

Program Structure

A 4-month structured online program with real-world case studies, hands-on projects and live and interactive mentor-led sessions.

Great Learning artificial intelligence learning format 1

Admission Details


  • done A minimum of 8 years of work experience (No prior programming knowledge is required).
Grear Learning admission and selection process

Selection Process

Step 1

Application Form

Register by filling up the online application form.

Step 2

Shortlisting and Panel Review

A panel will review your application to determine your fit for the program.

Step 3

Admissions Offer

If shortlisted, you will receive an ‘offer of admission’ letter for a seat in the upcoming cohort of the program.

Fee Details

2,500 USD

Reach out to a Program Advisor for flexible payment options


Candidates can pay the program fee through

Bank Transfer
Credit/Debit Cards

Fee Includes

Great Learning tution fee

Tution Fee

Great Learning learning material

Learning Material

Great Learning mentorship session

Mentorship Sessions

Upcoming Application Deadline

16th Jul 2020

We follow a rolling admission process and admissions are closed once the requisite number of participants enroll for the upcoming cohort. So, we encourage you to apply early and secure your seat.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this program for?

The Post Graduate Program in Artificial Intelligence for Leaders is suited for business leaders who want to use the knowledge of data and Artificial Intelligence to make informed strategic business decisions. The program is perfect for non-tech business professionals who are looking to leverage AI in their day-to-day decision making. Relevant profiles include product managers, directors, category managers, CXOs, delivery managers, product managers, senior managers and team leads who want to upskill themselves.

What is meant by the “mentored learning model”?
Mentored learning sessions connect you directly with industry experts and practitioners of AI, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning. These sessions happen on weekends in small groups of 15-20 learners and help you understand the practical side of concepts, gain industry context, and make sense of difficult concepts.  
What is the role of The University of Texas at Austin in PGP – Artificial Intelligence for Leaders Program?
The PGP-Artificial Intelligence for Leaders curriculum has been designed by McCombs School of Business at The University of Texas at Austin with the learning content and assessments created by faculty of The University of Texas at Austin and other practising Artificial Intelligence experts. Upon completion, all successful participants get a certificate from The University of Texas at Austin.
What is the eligibility for the program?
The PG Program in Artificial Intelligence for Leaders is a hands-on program designed for senior professionals and thus a minimum of 8 years of work experience is required to join this course.
What will my learning schedule be like?

You will learn concepts online via recorded video lectures and clarify your doubts and questions via mentored learning sessions conducted by industry practitioners. You will also engage in 4 industry sessions and work on 5+ projects during the course of the program.

What kind of learning assistance will I get?

You will get assistance from expert industry practitioners, who will clarify your doubts, and offer guidance regarding your projects.

Will I have to spend more on other material?
All required content are included in the program fee and available at any time during (and after completion of) the program. You are welcome to purchase additional material for your own reference on faculty recommendation.
I am not from a technical background - Can I join?
Yes, the program is designed for business leaders, irrespective of their technical knowledge. If you'd like to leverage the power of AI in your day-to-day decision making, this program is for you.
Will the content be available after the program is completed?
We believe that learning is continuous and hence all learning material – lecture notes, online content and supporting material – will be available through the online platform for 1 years after completion of the program.
How will I be evaluated during the program?
In this holistic and rigorous program, you will be evaluated continuously. All quizzes, assignments, attendance and projects are used to evaluate and monitor your progress towards the desired learning outcomes.
Can my company sponsor me?
We accept corporate sponsorships and can assist you with the process. For more information, you can write to us at aifl.utaustin@mygreatlearning.com
What is the admission process?
How can I apply for this program?