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Industry exposure through real-world case studies

Diverse talent pool with a wide range of experience and expertise

Hands-on experience through project-based learning

Certification from renowned international universities

Industry-relevant curriculum designed by experts

Learners mentored by industry experts and top academicians

Building World-Class Professionals with Cutting-Edge Tech Skills


Data Science

Machine Learning

Cloud Computing

Artificial Intelligence

Full-Stack Developers

Design Thinking

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Live Projects

Future candidates work on real live projects. Gauge the best fit for your business.

Job Boards

Post your requirements for our qualified alumni to see.

Recruitment Drives

Pick from a selected pool of top candidates through GL Excelerate.

Offline recruitment

GL Excelerate Job Fair

A platform for face-to-face interactions and hiring opportunities with Great Learning’s extensive talent pool. Observe and participate in the hiring process to gauge our alumni’s skills.



Hiring Partners Testimonials

It was really nice taking part in the career fair. As it was the first of its kind, where our data analytics team is taking part, it was more like marketing ourselves in terms of what we do in our analytics space and we look forward to participating in many more future events like this.

Rama Radhakrishnan


I quite enjoyed the career fair. Great Learning has some exciting talent and I look forward to working with some of these kids.

Ramani Subbaraman

Head of Human Resources

It is a 3 way benefit:
1. For the Great Learning students
2. For corporates as they get to come here and get an assurance that this is a great place to hire.
3. For Great Lakes ultimately because it is a great program and it is adding a lot of value to the corporate as well as the applicant.

Jaganathan Gopalakrishnan

Head- Branding India Corporate

Our Hiring Partners

Success-Full Transitions

Aishwarya Sarda img

Aishwarya Sarda

Business Analyst

Amit Kumar img

Amit Kumar

AI Engineer

L Niranjan Christopher img

L Niranjan Christopher


Dineshkumar M img

Dineshkumar M

Junior Data Scientist

Namish Kaushik img

Namish Kaushik

Business Analyst

Krishna Prasanth Venkatesu img

Krishna Prasanth Venkatesu

Senior Analyst

Deepak Girdhar img

Deepak Girdhar

Sr Business Analyst

Tanya Arora img

Tanya Arora

Business Analyst

Nagashree K V img

Nagashree K V

Intern-Data Analyst

Yogeshwaran M S img

Yogeshwaran M S

Business Analyst

Rajeev Ranjan img

Rajeev Ranjan

Business Analyst

Suryansh Saxena img

Suryansh Saxena

Data Scientist

Gaurav Garhewal img

Gaurav Garhewal


Sebastian Srikanth Kumar img

Sebastian Srikanth Kumar

Associate Business Analyst

Yeknath H Merwade img

Yeknath H Merwade

Associate Analyst

Uday Joshi img

Uday Joshi

Business Analyst

Sownthiriya S S img

Sownthiriya S S

Associate Analyst

Yash Agarwal img

Yash Agarwal

Senior COE specialist, Analytics

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