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Ramesh Babu

Ramesh Babu

Data Scientist, Cognizant

I was evaluating ISB, IIM-B and GL, out of the 3 I felt the course Great Lakes offered has the best curriculum.

What Keeps Me Busy?

I am working as a Data Scientist designing futuristic products in IoT and Data Science. I also work closely with the other departments to decide the go-to-market strategy.

What Sparked My Interest in Data Science?

During my stints in US and UK till 2012, IoT, Big Data, Data science were the buzzwords doing the rounds. This peaked my curiosity and I started researching in this area. I realized that organizations across sectors were taking analytics very seriously and the scope for growth in this domain would be extremely high.

Why I Chose to Take a Formal Course in Analytics and Zeroed-in on Great Lakes Analytics Program?

Around the end of 2012, I got a promotion and my work became a bit mundane. I felt I was not utilizing my full potential. My mentor was extremely supportive and he encouraged me to explore assignments in Data Science. This is when I decided to take up a formal course in Analytics. I was evaluating ISB, IIM-B and GL, out of the 3 I felt the course Great Lakes offered has the best curriculum. What I liked the most about the PGP-BABI course is the topics it covers. It teaches us the basics of marketing, finance, supply chain etc. and the application of analytics in all these domains. The course was very well structured, it taught everything relevant starting from theory to its implementation. My mentor was also quite experienced in Data science and he helped me with the Capstone project that I did at Great Lakes. Post the completion of this course, I have been working on IoT and Data Science projects.

Why I Love To Mentor Capstone Projects at Great Learning and Participate in PGP-BDA Events as a Guest Speaker?

I feel it’s a great honor to be associated with Great Lakes as a mentor. The Capstone project I mentored had a bunch of highly enthusiastic students, mentoring them on the project was a challenge because of clashing work schedules, but was an extremely satisfying experience. The biggest takeaway for me being a mentor is the opportunity to learn from all the bright minds I keep on interacting with on a regular basis. This is something I hope to continue doing. The recently held PGP-BDA event in Chennai had an amazing crowd; it was a niche audience with very relevant profiles and questions. I had a great time interacting with them and answering their questions.

Tell us about your journey as a mentor at Great Learning and other educational institutions.

I love teaching and mentoring students. I always try to give them as many inputs as possible and my focus has been on equipping them with practical knowledge used in analytics/data science projects. To teach students new topics and to make my sessions more impactful, I have constantly been learning new topics, and this has helped me with my responsibilities at work.

What Tools/Technologies Should Every Analytics Aspirants Focus On?

I feel Machine Learning and Deep learning are gaining a lot of prominence across companies and sectors. Hadoop, Apache Sparke, Cassandra etc. are few of the tools that are being used extensively.