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Harshit Mehta

Harshit Mehta

Data Analyst, Smiths Group plc

I was located in Calcutta and requested for a transfer to Bangalore so that I could stay there and take up the PGP-BABI course.

I have 4+ years of Experience in Business Analytics and Business Intelligence

At the time of joining the course, I had completed around 2 and half years in TCS as a SAP - BI Developer. After program completion, I joined the Smiths Group as a Data analyst.

I Chose Great Lakes Against All Odds

I wanted to upskill. Since my skill set before the course was business intelligence, business analytics was a natural choice. I wanted the skills learned during the course to be an extension of my existing skill set. I did a lot of research on the existing courses and found Great Lakes to be the best amongst all the existing institutes. I actually took a transfer to attend this course. I was located in Calcutta and requested for a transfer to Bangalore so that I could stay there and take up this course.

Most Helpful Aspect of the Program

I would say, is the Great Lakes Faculty – They were extremely helpful and approachable. If there was ever a doubt, we could just ask a question and get a proper answer during a discussion. I believe that was one of the major highlights of the program. As the residency happens once in a month, one may think that there won’t be enough time to interact with the professors. But at Great Learning, we could interact with faculty as much as we liked and get our queries answered.

The program teaches about different business modules and aspects

So, the skills and techniques that I learned at Great Lakes will come in handy in my new role as I will be focusing on the analytics side of the business. Since my previous role was in business intelligence, I will be making use of a combination of skills that I have. This is exactly what I was looking for.

A lot of hard work will be required from your end to make it in Analytics

Even though the course is designed in a very good way, the faculty is outstanding, and the course material is very relevant, in order to make a transition, the onus is on you to be consistent and keep working at it. The faculty will help and there is a lot of study material available but to convince an employer about your analytical potential, you will have to build a body of work. The projects, assignments, and evaluations can help you create a technical resume. It will give you several talking points, especially if you are new to the field of analytics. I discussed my projects and assignments extensively during my interview at Smiths Group.