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Himanshu Manghnani

Himanshu Manghnani

Senior Business Analyst, Analytics Quotient

What matters most is to understand the business problem at hand at a deeper level.

I Chose Great Learning PGP-BABI Over Several Other Programs/Courses

I was actually looking at many other courses. But I chose Great Learning because of the exhaustive curriculum as it covered all the topics in analytics. It also exposes you to the application of Analytics in different fields which is what I really liked. The program structure was the perfect balance of learning the basics along with the hands-on application of tools and techniques.

Things I Liked About the Program

There are two things that stand out about the program: 1. The classroom sessions and the faculty made it all worthwhile. The assignments were very helpful in getting experience and applying what we had learned during the sessions. 2. The topics, case studies, and the techniques covered during the program were extremely important in learning analytics. The curriculum focussed on different domains and covered all the important techniques that are in demand.

My Capstone Project

My capstone was on Logistic modelling based on market surveys into organic products. The goal was to establish the priority of organic product consumption in the market compared to other normal products. The guidance received throughout the duration of capstone from faculty and my mentor continues to help me in my current role. I was asked a lot of questions about my capstone project during my interviews.

Tools and Techniques I Use in My Current Role

The learnings from the course are definitely helping me perform well in my current role. All the techniques taught in the program were great but R is something that I use a lot. Beyond a point, what matters most is to understand the business problem at hand at a deeper level. This is something that I internalized during the course and it still continues to improve my approach to my work.

My Advice to Aspirants Looking for a Transition

Understanding the concepts of Analytics is the main thing. For someone with just 1 to 3 years of experience, they should not be bothered about the domain or industry as long as they get a good grasp over the foundation. Another important thing is to do case projects. Apart from the capstone project, there should be at least a couple of smaller case projects on your resume to make a strong impression. It will also help a lot to apply different tools and techniques depending on the business problem at hand. A deeper familiarity with statistics involved in the modelling process will always come in handy when explaining your approach to solve a problem to potential recruiters.