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Swathy Krishnan

Swathy Krishnan

Data Scientist, Verizon Data Services

In my Verizon Interview, the capstone played an important role in getting me hired.

My Journey So Far

I was working with TCS as an automation tester and a business analyst. In both these roles, I didn’t feel that I was utilizing my full potential. I always wanted to do something more. I was interested in Analytics, so I applied to Great lakes and got through. When I started with the program, I knew nothing of Analytics but today I have come a long way working with Verizon Data services as a Data Scientist.

My Breakthrough Came About with the Capstone Project

It was a steep learning curve for me considering I was an outsider to the world of analytics. But the capstone project I did changed everything. My Project guide, Mr. Bhardwaj, supported us throughout the span of our project guiding us at every step and trusting us to do well. His trust kept motivating us to put more and more effort. In spite of the fact that our project was with the Tamil Nadu government, (so it wasn’t a typical industry project) he urged us to go ahead with it. Other people were sceptical about our project but not him. I was asked about the Capstone in every interview I gave and I am sure it helped me earn an edge because of the unanimous positive feedback I received during these interviews. Even in my Verizon interview, the capstone played an important part in getting me hired.

But Capstone is Not All That Great Learning Has to Offer

Anyone who is willing to work hard and give their 100% while learning analytics will surely develop confidence and get several opportunities in the job market. Every day in the classroom, every assignment, every quiz that I attempted helped me get a better grasp over my subjects. The completion of the course alone will not make you an analytical expert but will give you a solid platform to learn more and build on professionally.

I knew I Wanted to Do an Analytics Course from Great Learning

I went through the rankings on Analytics Vidya and Analytics India Magazine. I was working in Chennai so it was quite convenient for me to take this course up. I discussed the idea of joining Great Lakes with the previous batch students, they spoke very highly of the course and the learning approach followed, so I didn’t think twice before enrolling in PGP-BABI.

I Really Liked the Hands-On Approach during the Course

The course structure is very conducive to learning. Every concept was followed by discussion questions, a quiz, and an assignment. I realized early on that hands-on is extremely important in order to engage with the content and gain confidence. Not only our assignments, but the quizzes and discussions were also quite hands-on. Guidance from Great Lakes top faculty like Prof. Bhardwaj, Dr. R.L. Shankar made us learn faster and better.

I am using Several Tools at My Job that I Learned

I have been using R, Tableau, big data tools like Hive, IMPALA, and Spark. I have been using R and Tableau extensively to come up with statistical models.

Advice for Aspirants Seeking a Transition to Analytics

Anyone who wants to get into Analytics will need to give their 100%, especially if they are outsiders like me. A few sacrifices along the way will take you farther as you develop a comprehensive knowledge of analytical concepts. Taking up a course and expecting it to reap fruit without working hard will be of no use. Analytics is a new industry and there are lots of opportunities. The only sure way to get there is hard work.