Data Science and Business Analytics have grown to be one of the most sought-after industries today. Recruiters are looking to hire individuals with analytical skills. Let us take a look at Krishna Chaitanya’s journey with Great Learning’s PGP Data Science and Business Analytics in his own words.

I am a Mechanical Engineer working in a Nuclear Power Plant. I have 17+ years of experience in Power Industry in construction and Mechanical Maintenance.

I am fully employed in a Government owned organization. I am into the energy sector. I wanted to take part in the data revolution especially in machine learning and business intelligence which is happening in all sectors, and wanted to upgrade my skills so that I am market ready.

I was quite familiar with the Great Lakes Institute of Management. It is consistently top ranked in B-schools in India.

Great Learning has the pedigree of Great Lakes Institute of Management. I have gone through the curriculum of Business Analysis; Business Intelligence program which is very thorough and which is required for a person like me with no programming background, to excel in Business Intelligence. The videos are delivered by subject matter experts and they encourage us to be consistently completing them in order. The practice quizzes and weekly quizzes refresh the knowledge and I could identify my areas for improvement.

My favourite part is mentoring sessions. I guess this is the same for most of the students. Recorded videos cover both theoretical and practical aspects. The weekly mentoring sessions re-capitulate concepts and fill the gap if any. I look forward to these sessions for thorough discussion of the topic by the mentor.

I attribute more than half of my success to my mentors Shri.Vijay Krishnan MR and Shri. Deepak Gupta. My mentors were industry experts with thorough knowledge in the field. They helped me in completing the course by delivering excellent sessions and they were available all the time on WhatsApp groups. Mentors are only a chat/message away, which means whenever we are stuck, the mentor is there to help us unstuck. I am also thankful to my program manager. Without the support of mentors, program manager and a structured program; it would be difficult to imagine to complete such a wide curriculum along with managing a job. Their support was simply great.

On undergoing this program, the thinking changes dramatically. I started to think in terms of what data can be collected from every activity. I am hopeful of implementing the machine learning skills in maintenance of Mechanical Equipment.

I would suggest the students to cover all the videos; practice data sets given before the mentoring session. Do not miss the mentoring sessions. Set aside one year of time prioritized for this program to go smooth. Implement the skills learned in their chosen field/ fields they are currently working in.

Lastly, do not miss the  Hackathon being conducted as part of this program.



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