AI introduced as a subject

Artificial Intelligence is seemingly limitless as more businesses look to integrate the technology to enhance their core operations. Growth of AI as a principal instrument across every sector is exceptional. This week’s AI guide revolves around some of the recent developments ranging from CBSE’s decision to introduce AI as a subject in schools to Starbucks new AI strategy to enhance customer experience.

AI Introduced as a Subject in Class IX

To have a multidisciplinary teaching-learning experience and sensitise the new generation. AI has been introduced as a subject in class IX for the session 2019-2020 in schools affiliated with CBSE. Central Board of Secondary Education, India has collaborated with tech giants such as Microsoft, IBM, Intel etc. Training programmes on Artificial Intelligence in schools across the country witnessed participation of 1690 teachers and principals. Training activities include digital storytelling, creation of personalized learning experiences for diverse learners and demystifying concepts around artificial intelligence etc.

Machine learning, Imaging Technique may Boost Colon Cancer Diagnosis

Colorectal cancer is the second most common type of cancer worldwide. Current colon cancer screening is performed by flexible colonoscopy. This technique relies on visual detection but small lesions are hard to detect with the naked eye and early malignancies are often missed. Quing Zhu, professor at Washington University and Yifeng Zeng, a biomedical engineering student is developing a new imaging technique that can provide accurate, real-time, computer-aided diagnosis of colorectal cancer.

Microsoft India Organises Conference to Equip Government IT Officials with Artificial Intelligence Skills

As part of its commitment to support the country in its digital India vision, Microsoft India hosted the ’Cloud for Digital Governance’ conference in Lucknow. The one day conference is a part of ‘Cloud for Digital Governance National Program’, launched by Microsoft to equip government officials in charge of IT across the country with critical artificial intelligence and intelligent cloud computing skills. Through this program, Microsoft will help upskill government officials and equipping them with the necessary digital skills that are relevant for today and the future.

Fugro Using Machine Learning to Map Sea Boulders on the Seafloor

Fugro collects and analyses information about Earth’s geography and the structures built upon it. One such project sees Fugro search the sea for boulders to help its client determine whether they can set up an offshore windfarm. Fugro customised a machine learning algorithm with Amazon Sagemaker and trained its own Docker image on GPUs. This algorithm helps the company to convert weeks and months of work to just a couple of days. 

Starbucks Looking to Utilize Artificial Intelligence Technology

According to a Motley Fool’s report, Starbucks is partnering with Microsoft to enhance the customer service experience. World’s largest coffee house chain is looking to incorporate artificial intelligence for their drive-thru services, allowing customers to view recommendations on a digital menu. Additionally, machine learning and artificial intelligence also play a role in-store design, engage with partners, optimize inventory and create barista schedules.

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