Roshan Mathew took up Great Learning’s PGP AIML course in 2019. According to him, the program is best suited for self-motivated learners who are clear about their goals and willing to apply their learnings themselves. Read about his journey with our PGP Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Course

How was your experience with PGP AIML?

The learning experience is excellent with access to high-quality faculty and support team. Personalized mentoring for those in need is also one thing that stands out. One can approach the program director and the program manager at any time of the day. The peer engagement was of high quality too, which is still being continued actively. The seamless access to industry experts at GL, who are also potential employers, is something that might not be available everywhere, I believe. 

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Advice for future PGP AIML aspirants.

I would also add that this course is not for those who expect the program to convert them into experts overnight, with minimum effort. Put in efforts from your end as well, you will see the results. It would be an understatement to say that I gained a lot from the program. I got a job as a Machine Learning Engineer within a week of course completion, which was never in even my wildest dreams.  

I thank everyone at GL, right from the person who gave me an honest & clear opinion about me doing the course to the excellent faculty. The support team which answered my many academic queries promptly, the program director Dr. Narayana for his timely mentoring which gave me the confidence to continue the course, the program manager Sukanya for her excellent and relentless efforts, my fellow learners and my highly talented capstone team members.

For more such success stories, watch this space.



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