Whether you are from a technical background or a non-technical one, upskilling has become important in today’s competitive professional world. Read about Sakthi’s journey with Great Learning’s PGP Data Science and Engineering Course.

Tell us about your professional background.

Being an Automobile Engineering graduate, I was not working in my domain. I started my career with a supporting role in the E-commerce domain with Groupon and later moved to an IT-related designation in Amazon. I was very fascinated by AIML and Data Science technologies and was curious to learn more about them. I joined a part-time course with an institute to learn data science. That didn’t work out for me as I couldn’t learn from the faculty at that institute. That’s when I decided to join a full-time course. 

Why Great Learning? 

I was not in a position to spend a lot of money and pursue my masters abroad. My search for the right course pointed me towards Great Learning and I found the curriculum and placement opportunities to be exceptional.

How was your experience with PGP-DSE?

My experience as a student at GL was a memorable one. The faculty had very good industry knowledge, resources, and facilities on the campus. The placement coordinators, fellow learners whom I can call friends, were really helpful as well. They made my experience a memorable one. It was a hard decision to leave an organization like Amazon, but now I’m glad about my decision. One of the key highlights of the course is the placement training we receive which helps us significantly in the interviews.

Were you able to achieve your career goals?

During the learning process, I doubted myself and wondered whether I could complete this course. Step by step teaching of faculties, beginner to expert level design of the course built confidence in me. Also, personal sacrifices like staying away from social media helped me stay focused. I was not getting shortlisted for many companies who participated in the placements. Covid-19 also made it difficult for me to get shortlisted. I talked to Devyani ma’am and also made some changes to the resume myself. Eventually, I started getting emails and calls from GL and also from external sources. Finally, I got the job offer on the third interview I attended through GL as a Machine Learning Engineer in Infinitied Labs. 

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I thank all the faculties and staff in Great Learning Bangalore. Thanks to teaching faculties like Shambhavi Shukla, Sayan Dey, Vidhya K, and Kathirmani Sukumar. Also, I’d like to thank non-teaching faculties like Devyani, Barakha, Arshad for being supportive and helpful. Special mention to placement coordinator Ankita. Thanks for the wonderful experience.

For more such success stories, watch this space. 



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