The ultimate benefit of an online course is the flexibility of time and location that one has to pursue the course at their own convenience without compromising on other commitments such as their job. Here’s how Dudley Thompson benefitted from our online course in Cyber Security.

Tell us about your profession

Currently, I am working as a Trading Floor Specialist in a top tier Investment Bank in London. I support the traders with Technical IT issues that they face, it could be related to Bloomberg, Reuters, bespoke trading applications, or hardware related issues. I also work with mobile devices and messaging systems.

What motivated you to pursue a career in Cyber Security?

During my undergraduate program in Distributed Information Systems, I was exposed to elements of computer security and from there I was bitten by the bug. I find it quite exciting in trying to circumvent security systems and the means which can be deployed to make them safe against miscreants both inside and outside the organization.

Why did you choose this course with GL?

Having looked around I came across the course offered by Stanford when I was on a holiday. I looked at it thoroughly and decided it was the one for me. I am a working professional so it’s hard to get time off from work and to go to classes, so an online course from a reputable institution such as Stanford was the best way forward. Also, I think it is value for money compared to other courses on the market.

How has your experience been with this course? What did you really like about it?

I am really enjoying the course so far, I like the practical real-life examples which I can play around with in my virtual sessions. 
Also, it’s easy to get in touch with the support and teaching staff. Gauthami has been quite helpful in resolving any issues which I might be facing and is quite supportive.
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