According to reports, the Data and Analytics industry in India is expected to reach $3.03 billion and double in size by 2025. Organisations are on the lookout to hire new talent. If you wish to build your career in this field, now would be the right time to start. Here are the recent advancements in Data and Analytics that have taken place over the past week. 

Ten Expert Tips and advice for aspiring Data Scientists

Pursuing a career in Data Science can be intimidating if you don’t know where to begin. There’s an endless amount of information available online, making it difficult to know if the data is authentic or not. To help you build a successful career, we have compiled a list of valuable tips from  experts in this field. One of the best practices you can follow is to learn a programming language such as Python and be proficient in it. Build your domain knowledge and engage with the community.

How Data Science Tools can lighten the load for Cybersecurity teams 

Data Science can help identify attack patterns, thus increasing the chances of detecting threats before it’s too late. An attempt to breach symbolizes a negative business outcome. The Security Operations Center (SOC) can make use of Cybersecurity tools and ensure more efficiency in their work. Data Science tools can be beneficial in several ways, these tools would help reduce manual workload. Collection of Data often requires a lot of time, causing a delay in delivering results. Using Data Science tools and algorithms will make it easier to collect data quickly and efficiently. 

Top 9 Data Scientists to follow on LinkedIn

Data Science and Analytics have gone through significant changes over the past few years. Organizations have made a shift in the number of Data Scientists they hire, and analysts play a major role. In India, the Data Analytics industry is expected to double in size by 2025. The Rising, one of the largest gatherings of women professionals in Data Science took place in Bangalore on 20th March 2020. If you wish to keep up with the latest news such as this and be aware of events taking place in the community, here are 9 Data Scientists that you must follow on LinkedIn to stay updated and continue being inspired.  

A Complete Guide to a Data Science Career Path

In terms of adopting emerging technology, Indian enterprises are shining bright. All major industry verticals are hiring Data Scientists to help them gather insights from Big Data. There has been a massive increase in demand for highly-skilled professionals who have an understanding of both the business world and the tech world. Organizations are constantly on the lookout for professionals to fill this dearth in talent. If you’re looking to start your career in this field and are confused about the different job roles, and the requirements to become a professional in this industry, Great Learning and AIM have put together a comprehensive guide that will show you a clear path to success. 

For more weekly digests on Data Science, watch this space. You can upskill with our PGP – Data Science program today.



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