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Python Programming is one of the finest programming language in the world it is used for creating web application, software to create workflows It can also read and modify files, as well as we can also use it for software development, mathematics, system scripting Etc.

python developer resume

Python Developer Resume Samples| How to Make Python Resume?

Python DeveloperPython Developer Resume What are the must-have skills for a Python developer How to learn Python? Creating your Python developer resume Python Resume for freshers Python Projects for Resume...
Google Colab

Google Colab tutorial

Introduction to Google Colab Google Colab is a product of Google, from the name itself you can understand. It is basically a free notebook environment that runs fully in...
object detection

Object Detection in Pytorch | What is Object Detection?

What is object detection?How is object detection different from object classification?Types of object detection algorithmsCode for object detection using PyTorch What is object detection? Object...
lasso regression

A Complete understanding of LASSO Regression

Understanding Lasso RegressionRegularizationRegularization TechniquesLasso RegressionMathematical equation of Lasso RegressionLasso Regression Implementation in PythonLasso Regression Implementation in RLasso Regression Vs Ridge Regression Contributed by: Dinesh Kumar

A Beginner’s Guide to Programming | How to Start Coding

As someone from a non-technical background, the word ‘Programming’ would itself be enough to send shivers down your spine! So, you must be thinking ‘Why should I even put in the effort...