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    Priyanka has an interest in content marketing and how technology impacts the world. She likes to simplify complex topics and weave them into words. During her off-hours, she takes comfort in writing poems and travelling. She has generated content for several domains such as health and wellness, IT, and education.
    Most Popular Machine Learning Tools

    9 Most Popular Machine Learning Tools You Should Know in 2021

    Machine Learning is one of the prominent ways by which companies can remould the way they utilize big data to understand their customer's demands, their behavioral patterns.With the consistent generation of data...
    Artificial Intelligence Project Ideas

    7 Interesting Project Ideas in Artificial Intelligence For Beginners

    Learning Artificial Intelligence is not easy, but it is not difficult either. Once you get started with the right artificial intelligence courseware and work on a number of hands-on projects, your basics...

    Building AI-first Product Workshop by UT Austin Faculty

    The advent of technology was done to make our lives easier and AI is no different. AI-based applications are being used in almost every field: Corporates, Medical Sciences, Banking & Financial Institutions,...
    data analytics project

    Top 7 Data Analytics Project Ideas

    Organisations across domains and sectors have realised that data is the new currency. Every major strategic decision made now is data-driven. In this data-driven world, data analytics is an essential part of...
    data science projects

    Top 6 Data Science Projects To Get You Hired in 2021

    Data Science helps in solving real-world problems by making proper use of the relevant data. In this day and age, companies are using the information procured by data science professionals to understand...