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Priyanka has an interest in content marketing and how technology impacts the world. She likes to simplify complex topics and weave them into words. During her off-hours, she takes comfort in writing poems and travelling. She has generated content for several domains such as health and wellness, IT, and education.
covid 19

Data – A Potential Solution To The COVID-19 Situation?

Calling it a tidal wave of numbers, graphs, or data won’t be an overstatement in the current COVID-19 scenario. Petabytes of data running through the information expressway and almost every corporation scurrying...
amazon use of big data

Understanding Customers with Big Data – The Amazon Way

What Exactly is Big Data and Why is it Important? Big data is a term that is used to describe large volumes of data - both in structured and...
trends in ai

Trends in AI for Financial Services

Artificial Intelligence has made an impact on the global financial services ecosystem and has reshaped the building blocks of success. The finance sector has been the pioneer to understand...
top data scientists in the world

Top 10 Data Scientists in the World

It's rightly been said that to learn the best, you must learn from the finest. Learning is a process that is continuous in nature. In order to learn something,...
data science bootcamp

Boot Up: 7 Things To Look For When Selecting a Data Science Bootcamp

By the end of 2020, the US will have 2.7 million data science positions, claims a study by IBM. With the speed at which the data is being generated around us, knowledge...