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Cloud Computing refers to providing on-demand computing services through an internet connection, and it’s offered as a pay as you go service.

Increasing Need to Combat Data Security Risks as Organisations Rely on Cloud Computing to...

Cloud usage has the potential to increase the risk of insider threats. Cloud providers including Amazon, Microsoft, Google, and others, have recently said that they are struggling to deal with an increase...
Automation of energy meter reading

Automation of Energy Meter Reading, Monitoring and Billing using AWS

PROBLEM STATEMENT State Utility and energy supply companies currently use energy meters to measure the electricity consumption and chargeback to the consumers.  These meters display...

Testing Automation with Jenkins as Docker Container on Amazon ECS

This article was authored by Supriya Sadhwani a PGP- Cloud Computing alumnus from Great Learning.  Over the last few years, Continuous Integration and Continuous Development have gained a lot of traction. Automation of Testing during CI/CD, ensures...
cloud computing gaming

Cloud Computing is Driving Rapid Transformation of Gaming Industry – Here’s How

The shift towards online and digital gaming, as opposed to physical copies of games, started as early as the middle of 2010. This marked the point when more games were bought and played online...
AWS cloud computing

Capstone Project: Framework to Build and Deploy Applications using Webservices

AWS: Framework to Build and Deploy Applications using Webservices Problem Statement: With growing competition across various industries the need to launch new products or enhance existing...