I am a Chartered Accountant by qualification with 15 years plus of professional experience in consulting, audit, corporate finance, and finance transformation. I recently took a role change within my organization and was going through the routine. I moved from the Audit role to Operations/ transformation domain. In between I had an opportunity to work closely with a few stakeholders and heard about from them as to how they are transforming their respective business by leveraging data analytics.

During this phase, I started developing interest in data science and to leverage data science into the finance fraud and financial analytics domain. Yes, I was pretty much clear that I will utilize DA skills within my home domain.

My biggest hurdle was to manage work life balance and then carving out time to learn new fundamentals around programming in R. I was totally new to any kind of programming language. And that was my mental block, that I cannot do complex programming. The methodological approach of the curriculum really helped me to overcome this bottleneck. Initially, I felt overwhelmed, but with relentless consistency and planned approach helped me to sail through.

“Mentor’s role was a significant one in keeping my interest live throughout the course duration. There were times, where I felt why should I study more. The motivation to rise again during our weekly sessions and then later at capstone mentoring where industry insights were shared really helped me.”

Great Learning is a well renowned institute for professional education and I really wanted to choose an institute with the state-of- the-art technology support and structured curriculum. Interaction with experienced and world class faculty from the likes Great Lakes and UT Austin really made our concepts clear. Of course, you must do your own self learning and research as well to solidify your learnings.

Mentored learning and weekly interactions were critical factors during the entire course of our learning. Connecting with mentors kept us honest to our efforts. The experience of mentor and key industry insights shared were the building blocks. Often mentors use to share industry articles and thought leadership around Data Science. This is used to cement our understanding around the concepts.

For more such success stories, watch this space. Upskill with Great Learning’s PGP Data Science and Business Analytics Course today.

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