Demand/Supply of Skilled Cloud Professionals in India & Worldwide


Cloud Computing is soon becoming one of the most sort after domains in terms of business adoption, jobs and careers. The world has realized that Cloud Computing is the need of the hour and hence we see global spend in Cloud market increasing rapidly. With that we see people wanting to make career in this domain. This article will focus on Demand/Supply of Skilled Cloud Professionals.

Following Pointers will be touched upon in this articles:

  1. Need for Cloud Computing
  2. Global Spend in Cloud Computing
  3. Demand of Cloud Professionals
  4. Supply of Cloud Professionals

Need for Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing is a way providing services such as Computation, Storage, Security, Databases, Monitoring etc, on Pay As You Go Basics. These resources can be accessed by users through internet from different parts of the world and do not have to manage or monitor these resources.

This was about What is Cloud Computing? Let us understand why do we need Cloud Computing?

The process of application hosting has changed in last decade or so, there are multiple reasons why this happened. One is the internet, the other outcome of how business has evolved due to internet. With advent of the internet and Smartphones, people are more engaged in E-commerce industry. We see people shop through online mediums. Be it, shopping clothes, buying groceries, ordering meals, electronics, even taking u[ online courses or working from home using internet.

There are very things where people do not use internet these days. Hence we see businesses adapting to online mediums to acquire this large consumer base. We see:

  • Applications being made
  • Advertisements being posted
  • Digital Marketers being hired
  • Social Media Platforms being used to influence people

All this is meant to cater this online audience. So when we say ‘online’ where do you think this data resides? Whether it is about storing your data, images. Videos on drive, posting a facebook status or uploading an image on Instagram, one way or the other we are storing our data on Cloud Platforms.

So again re-iterating my question again, why do we need Cloud Computing?

Well, to cater this audience, business have moved to Cloud Computing here are the reasons why:

  • People can put their data on Cloud and can access from any part of the globe
  • Business can easily build custom applications on Cloud
  • These platforms give you instant application solution and support
  • You don’t buy these resources but just rent them
  • You do not have to invest in space and resources heavily

Since all this pattern does not appear to drop anytime sooner, we can safely conclude that we are surrounded by Cloud Computing, we need it, and we will continue to use it, knowingly or unknowingly.

So this was about Why Cloud Computing. Let us go ahead and see what are the market demand in terms of sheer numbers.

Global Spend in Cloud Computing

Let us see what the market has to say in terms of numbers

If we are to just have numbers for Platform as a service and software as service market. We can expect the numbers to cross $220 billion by year 2021. In 2019 the number was $136 billion. That tells how the numbers are soaring.

Let us talk about the public cloud market. Recent study by Gartner showed that the numbers were $220+ billions last year.  However, they are expected to rise by a good 20% to be around $265+ billion by the end of 2020.

If we are to forecast the overall growth for IT spend and revenue in Cloud Computing, it safe to say by 2022 the number will be $354 billion. If we compare this number to the one in 2018, it was around $196 billion. In simple terms a growth of $150 billion. This is some number to meet.

I believe this draws a picture for you, where and how the Cloud market stands in terms of Global Share and spend.

Let us go ahead and see what is the current Job Market for Cloud Computing

Demand of Cloud Professionals

Let us start by taking a look at statistics for most sort after, market skills, here is survey chart by LinkedIn,

Top Skills In Market -Demand/Supply of Skilled Cloud Professionals in India/Worldwide - Great Learning
Top Skills SOrt after by Employers (Image Source: LinkedIn)

From the above image it is clear that Cloud Computing is easily one of the sort after skills in the market. It is even rated more in demand compared to Analytics and Artificial Intelligence, which in themselves have shown great market demand. That tells you Cloud Computing is holding on to its popularity.

If we are to look into most sort after tools or skills, here is another statistic, this time from Payscale,

Most Sort After Domains: Pyscale and TechTarget

It is clearly visible that Amazon Web Service is the most sort after skill valued by employers and fourth on the list is Microsoft Azure. These two are the leading service providers in Public cloud market and hence this too tells you that employers are interested in hiring Cloud Professionals.

Surveys show that popular jobs websites in the world are currently facing a problem, where the number of job posting in these job portals are actually higher than people applying for these positions. So if you are looking to make a career In this domain then this is probably the best time to do so.

If this does not convince you, let me put forth some salary numbers.

As per Payscale, Salary for Cloud Professionals in India at an entry level is INR 7-9 Lakhs and it goes higher as you climb the experience ladder. For people who are based in US the salary shows even brighter picture.

The average salary of a Cloud professional is around $110,000. It ranges from $80k to $250k based on the experience and skillset the candidate offers. I hope that has your attention now.

Let us now go ahead and see, these numbers in little more detail.

Role Average Salary
Cloud Solutions Architect $120- 135K
Cloud DevOps Engineer $130-145K
Cloud SyOps Engineer $110-120K

Now Let us take a look at the salaries that people make in some major states in the US. These numbers paint a pretty picture,

Location (US)  Salary
New York, NY $130-145K per year
Boston, MA $120-130K per year
Chicago, IL $120K per year
Atlanta, GA $110-120K per year
Austin, TX $120K-125K per year

Let us also go ahead and take look at these numbers in the Indian Market and see how the professionals get paid in India,

Location (State) Salary
Karnataka Rs. 1,8LPA
Maharashtra Rs. 1,6LPA
Tamil Nadu Rs. 1,3LPA

Karnataka being the home to Bangalore city, the IT hub of India, we are to see higher numbers here, being followed by Maharashtra and then by Tamil Nadu. Please note all the above numbers are taken from Payscale and

This was about the demand of Cloud Professionals across the globe and in India. Let us go ahead and see, how many professionals are actually out there to grab these opportunities.

Supply of Cloud Professional

We have already discussed how important and in demand Cloud Computing is. Another statistics state that Cloud is driving the second most demand of professionals skilled in the domain. But do we have actually have professionally skilled at an advanced level to meet the requirement?

There are thousands of jobs listed in US alone every day, which go unattended. In India the number is even higher.

The reason we see these positions not being filled is because, skilled gap between requirement and actual skill is high. Gartner states 70 percent of professionals lack entry level skills. Whereas the number for advanced set of skills goes even higher. Gartner claims that 80 percent of employees claim they lack skills to do justice to higher level roles in Cloud Computing.

Another reason for this gap is the adoption of IaaS and SaaS platforms and also the amount of money invested by businesses in last half a decade. This meant there were less professionals to adapt to the complexity of understanding of moving businesses to cloud. A sight that bothers many businesses from moving to Cloud platforms.

We have seen many companies taking steps in training their employees in Cloud Computing. Companies are urging their employees to take relevant certifications like AWS and Microsoft Azure Cloud Certifications. So the path and idea is very clear here. Many Job Openings with Cloud Skill requirement. So if you reading this article and are interested in this domain, then this is the right time for you to pursue your career in Cloud Computing. So buckle up and get your cloud concepts in place. Chase right set of cloud certifications and in a year’s time you may be one of those professionals stamping their mark on one of those empty job seats in this wide pool of Cloud Computing Jobs out there.

So this was about the final bit of this article and this was about this article on Demand Supply of Skilled Cloud Professionals. Do let us know if this article peaked your interest in Cloud Computing, in the comment section below. If you have questions put those in comment section below, and our team would revert at the earliest. Happy Learning!



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