With Data Science and its technologies spanning to take over every industry today, the demand for jobs in this sector is also increasing. Read how Arpit Jain benefitted from Great Learning’s Data Science and Business Analytics Program.

Tell us about your professional background?

I did my engineering from Sathyabama University, Tamil Nadu in Electrical, Electronics and Communications Engineering. I had an overall work experience of about 2 years before joining Great Lakes, Gurgaon. I pursued my Post Graduation program with GL simultaneously with my job. At the moment, I am working at Ericson as a Data Scientist.

When and why did you decide to upskill with GL?

In my previous organization, my role involved Data Analysis. While I was not a part of the core team, I was still aware of the terminologies. And hence, I wanted to learn more about the concept and its technologies. During the course of my research to further my study in this field, I found out about GL and decided that it was the best option to pursue my study in Data Science, considering its flexibility options. 

How was your overall experience with the program?

The main reason that associated me to this course was to improve my knowledge of statistics and its related concepts, considering that it is the foundation of Machine Learning. The faculties turned out to be extremely helpful at delivering concepts that after 4 months of the course, I was able to crack an interview with Michelin as their first Data Scientist. And for this, I really appreciate GL since it boosted my career.

The structure of the program and its flow is extremely nice. They consider the statistics as a base for teaching, instead of directly jump into ML. They aim at developing a good foundation on mathematics so as to have a stronghold on ML. They also have group sessions, mentoring sessions and other interactions that give the students the freedom of open thinking and a deeper conceptual understanding.

During the course, due to an organizational requirement, I had to go to France, because of which I was unable to be physically present for my Capstone project at Gurgaon. However, the GL team were extremely flexible and allowed me to present my project remotely through Skype. 

Do you have any advice to the future aspirants of this program? 

I would suggest students to not stop themselves from asking the simplest of questions. It is important to remember that you are here to learn, participate, and grow in your career. Some dedication and the will to acquire knowledge will definitely aid you to success. 

For more such success stories, watch this space.



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