During our learning journey, we come across people who want to upskill to make a mark in their professional journey and carry their career to greater heights. Less are those who are willing to upskill to pursue their passion outside work. And Nitin Gupta, one of our PGP-SDM learners, is just that. He [Nitin] embarked on this journey to upskill only to fuel up his passion for travel writing. Read on to know more about Nitin Gupta and his learning journey. 

Can you describe your background and job profile?

A business consultant by profession, I have been working in the field of finance for 5+ years now. I am the founder of Entrust Consultants, a business consulting firm based out of Pune, providing services across India. Apart from this, I am an enthusiastic traveller and explorer, associated with a few well-known trekking and travel groups of India.

What was your purpose of learning Digital Marketing?

Learn the skill sets to manage my own digital profiles, where I post my travel and writing posts.

There are many other courses available when it comes to learning about Digital Marketing. Why did you choose Great Learning?

It’s not the availability that matters, but the convenience that plays a pivotal role. And Great learning has made things very convenient for working professionals to pursue their further education without letting their work be hampered in any manner.

What do you have to say about the program structure? What did you like most about our program?

In most of the courses, it’s the generic subjective knowledge that’s most tested and evaluated. But here in this specific program, we got the opportunity to showcase our learnings with live examples. Real-time situations, given for assignments, made it even better to understand the concepts. Attendance is a serious issue, and that makes participants serious about it.

Have you had a transition after Great Learning? If yes, how is the experience?

That’s obvious, yes! A lot of terms and technical aspects which used to make us feel alienated each day before the course seem very easy to understand and tackle. Apart from that, learning to use various tools has only made life easy.

What’s your overall experience at Great Learning?

I can say after the advent of a pandemic, where many of the educational institutions are considering moving to an online platform, Great learning had a futuristic approach to building such a platform long before. And on the part of students, where the life of a working individual was considered a dead-end towards pursuing a degree while managing the job hand-on-hand, great learning has provided a platform to move forward to bag the dreamt degrees as desired without leaving the job behind. Kudos to the brains behind such a highly esteemed institution. Glad to have been a part of it.

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Like Nitin, if you wish to unlock your dream career, then upskill with a PG Program in Strategic Digital Marketing today! You can reach out to us at 080 4718 8426 or drop your queries at pgpsdm@greatlearning.in if you have any questions related to the program. 



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