To most of us Google Analytics may seem like a massively baffling thing that we’ll never get our head around. But actually the thing is its no rocket science at all and with little effort, anyone can rock ‘n’ roll completely in front of their bosses. Here are few easy ways for marketers to impress senior management with their Analytics ‘Gyan’.

  1. Disclose the secret: Tell him how people find you on web

Well, it’s not amusing at all that people find your business’ website through typing in the URL or through a Google search. However, besides that there are plentiful other things too to enhance that ‘story’.
Google Analytics gives you that bundle of data enough to tell your boss how your website was found. It will tell you insights how they landed on your site and also give you an idea of which keywords to be used to optimise the content of the site.

  1. Is it worth? – Tell him if social media is right for business

Mostly all businesses today have presence in the social world. If you aren’t there, get there!
When analysing how people find your website, do not miss to check these accounts and see what your return of investment is like here. Are you spending so much of your time for little return, or maybe you aren’t posting or interacting enough?
Knowing the success of your social media campaigns can assist you identify whether hiring a social media executive is important or not. It also gives picture of whether advertising on social platforms would be a worthy investment.

  1. Money always works – Make him aware of the cost of each customer

How much are you spending to grab every customer of yours?
Of course, this would be a thing of interest for every single boss on earth. Everyone would want it to be as low as possible to maximise profits. Here, putting the exact figures together would be really helpful.
The cost of each customer through a particular channel is the average amount spent on marketing campaigns to lure new customers. This value gives insights about which methods/techniques of marketing were successful and will also play a vital role in future marketing campaigns.

  1. Time for ‘Gyan’ – Tell him who your Target audience is

You may have some picture of people that you would like to target your business at, but are you sure that these people will actually use your product or service.
Google Analytics is one tool that will help you with an Audience report and give you right idea when it comes to your target market. The report gives insights such as where your customers are coming from, how old they are, if they’re male or female, what interest they have, etc.
The invaluable data is excellent enough to create your best ads, blog posts and other marketing campaigns.


Google Analytics is absolutely free, so let’s make the best of it? To know more about marketing in the digital age, click here.


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