Every year, thousands of professionals apply to our Data Science programs. When you enrol in PGP-DSBA (PG program in Data Science and Business Analytics), we believe it is our responsibility to give enough time and attention to every candidature even if it means going through hundreds of profiles to select one professional that could benefit from our program. Here are the details of the selection process:

  1. Online Application Form – The application process is quite simple and not at all time-consuming as it hardly takes 10 minutes to be done with your application. To apply, you need to fill up a simple Online Application Form. You will have to create an account before filling up this form or log-in if you are registered with us already. It is advised that you keep the details of all your professional experience and educational background handy, and think beforehand about why you want to learn Data Science? When you write about your professional and educational background, you should elaborate on your experience and mention even the minutest of details. Once you are done with filling all your details you will be prompted with a question: “Why do you want to learn Data Science?” to complete your application.
  2. Shortlisting by Panel Review – Suitable candidates for this course are shortlisted by a panel of 2 to 3 faculty members. They evaluate the applicants based on their work and educational profile which includes, but is not limited to the field of specialization in graduation, aggregate score in graduation/ post-graduation, work experience till the date of application, and relevance to the course. Please do not miss to check the eligibility criteria before you apply.
  3. Interview/Screening – We receive thousands of applications for a single batch and only a few are selected. This is done through a screening process that involves a telephonic interview. As the number of applications is quite large, it becomes difficult for us to objectively process all the information about each candidate. Hence, we evaluate your candidature with the help of a set of analytical tools and shortlist profiles for the interview process.
  4. Offer Stage – After a careful review by the faculty, each candidate is assigned a score based on interview and faculty score. The set of applicants with the highest total scores are offered to pursue the program.

Great Learning’s PGP-DSBA is one of the most comprehensive courses in Data Science and Business Analytics, and this is the reason for a steady selection rate of 1 out of 10 applications. Admissions are constantly conducted on a rolling basis and the process is closed once we select the required number of candidates for a said batch. Keep a track of our closing deadline as the batches fill up fast and way before the closing date. If you miss applying for a particular batch on time, you can always keep a track of the details about the next batch.
Join PGP-DSBA now for a rewarding career in Business Analytics and Data Science!



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