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For an organisation to be successful, one of the most important aspects to keep in mind is customer service. After all, keeping your customers satisfied with the products and services you provide will ensure customer loyalty and bring in new customers. For an organisation to keep improving, it is essential to identify weaknesses and act on them. 

Keeping customer feedback in mind while designing products and services can ensure a level of customer satisfaction and success. Looking at business problems from the customers perspective allows the organisation to create a more empathetic product since they are keeping in mind the customer’s needs. This method of creating a product with empathy is a major part of design thinking

Answering questions such as who, why, where, and what are also part of the design thinking process. Who are you solving the problem for, what is the need to solve this problem, how will you innovatively solve the problem, and why it is important to solve the problem. Adopting this design thinking process in your organisation can help you transform the quality of your customer service. 

To do so, you must first identify the problem or the daily business interactions that can benefit from a review. After identifying the problem areas, the organisation can work on improving the required areas. 

Design Thinking Process

Let us learn more about the design thinking process and how it can transform customer service quality with the help of an example. Apple is recognised as the brand that is known for its human-centric approach. The company is well-known for its user-friendly design and its highly-encrypted security solutions. The smooth-operating system has a great appeal among the customers and surprise customers with each new update. Since day one, Steve Jobs has considered the needs of the customer to be a priority. The company’s success is due to following a model that keeps customers in mind, whether it is design-wise or the usability aspect. 

Customers keep falling in love with Apple’s products year after year because of their home-grown innovations. Each new product launch or update is curated, keeping the customer’s preferences in mind. Customers are also given a choice to exchange their current Apple iPhones with the latest models at a certain cost. The services offered by the company are ample. 

Whether the organisation is a business-to-customer or business-to-business operation, it is important to follow a design thinking process. This process is not limited to launching a new product or service and can also be used when there is a business redesign or shift in business objectives. 

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Customer’s perspective 

Traditionally, the design thinking process is used to create and craft new products and services. However, this process can also be used for improving the quality of your customer service. 

An individual working in the customer service sector should maintain an empathetic attitude when communicating with their customers. Maintaining emotional intelligence is also important. There are actionable insights behind each customer need that showcase customers’ feelings, thoughts, and actions that need to be taken into account. 

If you are working in the customer service sector, you must ensure that you follow these essentials. 

1. Meet customer needs

Before you start working on any activity, always ask yourself if this activity would benefit the customer in any way. Providing your customers with any services or products is not the only goal. Ensuring that they are satisfied with the products and services is equally important. If a customer is making a reasonable request, the individual in the customer-facing role must fulfil it. The goal is to provide the customer with an unforgettable experience. 

This is where we can bring in the design thinking process. Are all the languages available in the instruction manual? Should we consider any other medium of communication? Is our marketing strategy good enough? How many customers will be comfortable with the solutions we are providing? Should we invest in methods of communication that will be more effective and comfortable for the customer? These questions must always be kept in mind. 

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2. Solution-Oriented Approach

Live chat solutions and chatbots promise 24/7 availability to the customer. These options have created a method to provide customers with a quick response, and thus, the customers do not have to wait for a long period to get solutions. With greater technologies and advancements in place, organisations can offer better customer service to their customers than traditional methods like emails or phone calls. 

If an organisation wants to drastically improve its customer service experience, it is essential to use design thinking methods. Implementation of innovative methods and solution-oriented methods while dealing with customers will help you enhance your customer experience. 

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