Learning once and applying it for the rest of your life is a long-lost trend. With technologies evolving continuously, ‘Learning for life’ is the new mantra to stay relevant. In the case of Madhan, our PGP-CC alumnus, a professional with 15 years of experience, upskilling was the only way out to excel in his existing job. Read on to find out how Great Learning’s postgraduate program in cloud computing helped him to, in his own words, ‘manage projects effectively’.
Why did you take up the PGP-CC program by Great Learning?
I am an IT project cum service transition manager. I basically manage end to end IT service transitions from various clients and customers to our company. I work for UST Global, which is a service support company. If there is a requirement from a customer for certain IT services like cloud, be it level 1 or level 2 support services, I manage end to end transition right from setting up the process to the transformation from the customer to our company. I ensure that a cloud support team is set up and we are able to deliver support services to the various IT customers. I have over 15 years of experience in handling IT projects. The primary reason for taking up the cloud computing program is that just certifications are very narrowly focussed. I went through the brochure of Great Learning’s PGP-CC program and realized that it touched upon various topics right from development on the cloud to basics of setting up cloud infrastructure. I needed an overall understanding of the cloud so that I would be able to manage projects effectively. Now, I feel much more confident in understanding the problems. I took up this program to perform better in my current role. I had 3-4 choices, but I found this program as more comprehensive than other online programs. So, I opted for this.
How is learning from the program helping in your current role?
All the projects that I did during the program were hands-on projects so that gave me an understanding of the various components of a cloud system and now I know what configurations should be made and what are the checks that need to be performed for running a particular cloud service. Earlier, I used to completely rely on the technical staff or the architects, but now I am able to suggest better options instead of doing something the traditional way.
Are you Azure or AWS certified?
One of my long term plans is to get Azure or AWS certified.
What did you like the most about the program?
1.Curriculum relevance.
2.Assignments, labs and projects.
3.Mr Nirmalya. He was truly amazing during the mentoring sessions that I had attended. I am from a non-technical background but I found it quite easy to connect the dots and follow the videos and sessions with him. His inimitable and fantastic delivery of technical sessions in an understandable way was extremely suitable for an end user like me.
Was the program office cooperative?
Mrs Ekta from the program office had been great. Without her persuasion and mentoring, I would have given up on the course as I was finding it difficult to catch up with the labs and projects midway through the course. She had been open to feedback and was prompt in getting back with answers to our queries and also had been very patient with us. I was given the support and time to catch up with the rest of the group. I am taking some time out to practice the syllabus all over again and possibly plan for further studies in about 6 months with Great Learning.
What advice would you like to give to the aspirants?
I wouldn’t say that the program is very tough, but it is demanding. My advice would be to stick to the deadlines and schedules and work through your practical lab classes. Do not miss even one single session and make sure you watch all the videos. I am able to see the value of the lab sessions in real-life cases now. Even if you are not a very technical person, videos will help you in understanding everything step by step and connect with your peers. Make sure you are not alone that is what even Great Learning’s program office recommends. Connect with fellow learners and get the best out of the program.



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