Whether its a career transition or an upgrade to your existing role, it is essential to learn and gain from experts in the field. Here is how Rajabhupati benefited from Great Learning’s Cloud Computing Course.

Tell us about your professional background.

I am a Big Data Developer with over 8 years of work experience in my field. I work constantly with the Analytics team to develop data science codes.

What did you like about this course?

While registering for this course, my main aim was to network and build my community apart from learning and developing my skills. I was very impressed because this course is one of the most well-designed courses that I have come across. The modules contain concepts from scratch, and I was able to gain information on core theories as well as advanced level ideas. The program ensures that the students are kept busy all day, challenging them with assignments and projects – allowing us to be industry-ready before we step out. I also thoroughly enjoyed the mentoring sessions because we had the opportunity to interact with experts from the industry and gain practical knowledge with real-life examples. om them.

What are your thoughts on the Capstone Project?

The Capstone Project was based on Microservices. It was extremely challenging since we were constantly multitasking to obtain good results. However, we had complete support from our mentors. They always encouraged us and assisted us throughout, allowing us to learn and grow on our own.

What is your advice to future aspirants?

This program is constantly updated with new concepts and technology. If you are an aspirant, you will explore areas that you might have never explored before. Hence, if you are passionate to learn and upskill, this would be the course for you.

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