Taking that final leap and upskilling will help you reach greater heights. Read about Shivang’s journey with Great Learning’s PGP Data Science and Business Analytics Course!

Tell us about your professional background.

Since the start of my career I have always worked in the field of data engineering, management, and reporting. I am currently working as a Team Lead- Data Scientist at Shell. 

Why did you decide to upskill with Great Learning?

I was always working in the field of Data Engineering but never got a chance to learn and perform data analytics. I knew it should be the natural progression for me to complete the circle of the entire ‘Data Spectrum’. 

This is when, 3 years back, I decided to enroll for a course that not only teaches me the basic skills but also helps me understand how to apply them in varying scenarios and conditions. I am not very keen on online learning. My search for a classroom course landed me at Great Learning’s PGP-Data Science and Business Analytics.  

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What did you like the most about PGP- DSBA?

I liked the curriculum and the timing of the course. After 1 year of rigorous learning and hard work, I was able to transition in my organization at the time, from being a Senior Project manager to Senior Data Scientist. The capstone project and the learning from the course helped me to crack the interview and helped me with this transition. I didn’t stop there, I continued learning from various other forums post the DSBA course, and was able to get a senior manager role in Data science within 2 years of completion of DSBA. The curriculum really helped me in my journey.

Any advice to future aspirants?  

What I have understood in this field is, we all are learners and we need to keep the enthusiasm alive and remain positive. Hard work and continuous learning will land us at our dream career.

For more such success stories, watch this space!



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