Great Learning stands out because of the rich content provided here. Learning regularly and upskilling is the key to staying relevant in the constantly changing world around us. Alumnus Piyush Gupta shares a brief about life before and after his experience with Great Learning’s PGP- Data Science and Business Analytics course. 

Tell us about your professional background.

I have worked in the IT industry for about 8-10 years in various functional roles. Although, I haven’t completely made a transition to Analytics yet, but have made sure to continue my journey with Analytics one way or another. A complete transition should not be looked at from the onset itself. 

Some major points about my Analytics journey after completing PGP- DSBA. 

  • I wrote multiple blogs on platforms such as Linkedin, Medium, and within my organisation
  • As a panelist, I have attended seminars on Data Analytics in local educational institutions
  • I have conceptualised and created multiple proofs of concept
  • Gave an internal organisation workshop on Data Analytics
  • Have done multiple Analytics related certifications, and planning to do more
  • Working as an IT Business Analyst, on Data-Driven/ Analytics solutions project

How was your experience with Great Learning? 

As an alumnus, having the GL Olympus portal resources with us is convenient, I regularly visit the content to refresh my memory on a few concepts. The plan is still to make a jump into a full-fledged role of an ‘Analytics Consultant’. Essentially, since IT companies don’t have an Analytics mindset in general, it is a bit difficult. I have tried to bridge that gap using my learning from the GL course, this has greatly helped me. 

The program managers and faculty were really helpful and knowledgeable. They ensured that our doubts were cleared and we didn’t face any problems. The course structure was great, it covered all the required topics. 

If you aspire to make a career transition, upskill today! For more such success stories, watch this space



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