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‘Disruption’ has become a frequently used word in everyday conversations, reflecting the fast-changing times that we live in. The future of work, too, is being shaped by such disruptions and the biggest of them all is technology. However, data has been helping businesses in sailing through these disruptions. As businesses continue to lean significantly on technology, we also find data being produced at a rapid pace. A 5000% growth has been seen in the amount of data created, captured and copied in the last 10 years. This means that businesses today have a gold mine of data to extract insights from. However, this ‘mining’ has to be undertaken by skilled professionals who combine technical foundations with statistics to be data-driven decision makers. 

Decision making for solving business problems has reaped best results when backed by data. The use cases span across industries such as banking, education, oil and gas, transportation and marketing among others. It is not surprising, then, that hiring for data scientists increased by 46% between 2019-2020 and the most in-demand roles today require a background in data science and analytics.

While examples of predictions aimed at risk reduction or profit maximization are those that most naturally strike one’s mind when considering the virtues of data science and analytics, the scope of the domain has become much more extensive in the past years. Further, a culture of data-driven decision making aids business growth not only with accurate insights but also by making the process of decision making itself transparent.  

As data science becomes the backbone of work across industries, professionals skilled in the domain are also charting pathways for successful careers. This is reflected in the climbing salary figures for data science professionals in the USA. 

Source: Indeed

Becoming a data-driven Decision Maker

If these insights have garnered your interest in data-driven decision making, you can now hear more about it from such a business leader himself. Jamal Madni has been a Tech Strategist with Boeing in the past. He is a Stanford GSB Fellow and has teaching experience. Jamal is currently the CEO and Co-Founder of Ingage.Solutions, a company that believes in intersecting Artificial Intelligence with human connection in the boardroom, the exam room and the classroom. 

In an ‘Ask me Anything’ Webinar, Jamal will share how his experience at the MIT Professional Education’s Applied Data Science Program inspired him to follow his entrepreneurial spirit and much more. Save your seat and you can also get to know more about this program at the webinar where Milind Kopikare (President, Great Learning) will throw light on program highlights. The session will cover:

  • How the program will help you become a data-driven decision maker
  • Understand how data science concepts translate into the real world
  • Collaborative learning with like-minded peers from diverse backgrounds and geographies
  • Q&A round with Jamal Madni & Milind Kopikare

Applied Data Science Program is a 12-week program by MIT Professional Education that will help you become a data-driven decision maker with live virtual teaching from MIT faculty, hands-on projects, and mentorship from industry practitioners. Click here to download the program brochure. 



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