success story
success story

Although many people prefer traditional forms of learning, when the pandemic hit, everyone was forced to switch to an online learning mode. Learn more about Subrahmanya Sravan’s journey with Great Learning’s PGP Data Science and Business Analytics Program in his own words.

I am an undergraduate in statistics and postgraduate in computer science. I have been in my current company for 5 years and felt no value addition was done to my profile apart from gaining some experience from the projects I have delivered. I was seriously weighing my options and was looking to take a course on Data Science or Cloud Computing. 

My love for statistics and numbers made me enroll into a Data Science course. I also had many projects lined up for next year and started working on my first project in my company. I started the course with some interest towards the subject, frustration towards my job, confusion over my choice and with lack of time in my hand to study the subject.

But as the course progressed, I picked up on the subjects and dedicated time to learn the concepts. It would not have been possible without the help of top-class faculty, curriculum and learning models provided by Great Learning. On campus training gave us the perfect escape from work and finding new friends at the class who share similar interests. The learning portal makes us feel never missed and helps us to go through the topics again and again till we understand. Quizzes provide a perfect platform to test our understanding. Leaderboard shows us where we are and helps us put that extra effort to be ahead of the curve. The projects provide a platform to learn from peers and gain knowledge by having extensive discussions and debates.

Everything was going well until we hit the pandemic. Great Learning was quick enough to understand the situation and quickly arranged for online classes. Though online learning was against our personal choice, they helped us to quickly adapt to the new way of learning. Soon we were busy again with our classes, quizzes and projects. Great Learning also helped us to ride through the difficult times by interacting with us individually and giving us appropriate schedules to complete the course. Personally, I had to ride through a pandemic, increase in office hours due to projects, ill health and taking care of family.

Capstone project was a unique experience of being evaluated by the best in the industry. It gave us an insight into what industry expects from us and how to present the knowledge we have gained to the experts in industry.

Though we completed all our courses, assignments, quizzes, and projects I still feel there is a lot to learn. Great Learning also provided us access to the material after the course. We are also provided with a lot of additional material, sessions by industry experts and access to the job portals also which keeps us updated with the industry requirements. 

After finishing my course, I hope I do get more opportunities to work on more projects that challenge my understanding and skill.

Finally, I thank all my faculty – Lalitha Kishore, Anirudda Kalabande, Saurabh Agarwal, Guru Murthy and Abhinanda Sarkar, my co-learners – Vinay, Amitabh and Raja and our mentor Rathinavel for keeping track of us and help us achieve our goals.



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